It’s time to announce the winners of the Bob’s Red Mill giveaway! To recap, five winners will receive one full package each of the Bob’s Red Mill food product of their choosing. Between comments, linkbacks, and emails from non-bloggers, this contest generated 205 entries. Using, here are the five lucky ducks:

#49 Emily‘s linkback:

What’s your AIM? « Super Caloric Chalk Dust […] CONTEST –  Melissa is giving away bbq sauce.  Sarah is giving away Bob’s Red Mill goodies.  Strawberry Shorstuff is giving away some bars and […]

#142 Jogger’s Life linkback

Contests Around Blogville « Jogger’s Life […] Tales of Expansion is giving away freebies from Bob’s Red Mill. So exciting! I love Bob’s. […]

#57 Genesis

im really excited for your giveaway. i just started blogging and this is the first giveaway ive entered because im really excited about the product. i would love to try the apples, cinnamon & grains cereal. that would totally make my morning. thanks for the giveaway chance.

#102 Amandamoo

What a lovely contest! I’d love the oatbran or meusli! Mmmm… grains…. mmmm…

#68 Vani


amazing giveaway!! I’ve been wanting to try cooking with wheat bran . . . and their pancake mixes look so yummy . . . oy! Too many choices!

Congratulations, winners! And I’m especially psyched that Vani and Emily (my two fellow Slopers as evidenced here and here) elbowed in there, too. What are the odds?! Ladies, I’ll be emailing you all shortly to get your final Bob’s Red Mill selections and your shipping info.

Onto breakfast!


I had a dazzling breakfast cookie waiting for me this morning. I mixed the rest of last night‘s oatmeal-protein porridge combo with just under 1/4 cup dry old-fashioned oats, 1 tbsp each Newman’s own raisins and dried berries, 1 tbsp nonfat powdered milk, 1 tbsp PB2, and 1 tbsp Hershey’s chocolate crumbles. I flattened the mix onto a plate in cookie form.


Because I made it from already-cooked oatmeal, it was still super soft this morning. I stuck it in the freezer for maybe an hour or so while I got my laundry going, took care of some other business, and downed a pot of green tea. To unstick the cookie from the plate post-freeze, I ran hot water over the bottom of the plate and then popped the whole cookie off with a spatula and transferred it to a fresh plate.

Next up, I mixed 2 tbsp Pb2 with 1/4 cup healthy cream cheese icing (ricotta was on sale, and I had coupons for free vanilla Oikos, hence the frosting overload lately!) and frosted my cookie with the peanut butter cheesecake blend 😀 Topped with three chopped strawberries:


And a cashew-almond butter center:


Mmmm, so filling and delicious. It was a lovely reward after the laundry man yelled at me for trying to stuff too many things into one dryer this morning. But it’s not my fault! I had actually planned to use two dryers today, but they were all taken and I didn’t want to hang around waiting. I just put it all in one and doubled the time 😛

When was the last time you got yelled at?

12 thoughts on “Winnerzzzzz

  1. verbalriot says:

    Yay congrats to the winners!

    Awesome breakfast, you make me want to run out of my house right now and go buy ricotta cheese for that icing! 🙂

    Hmm…last time I got yelled at? Probably last night at the bar, for spilling my friend’s drink (total accident!) I bought him another one to shut him up though 😉

    have a great Sunday!


  2. cleanveggiex3 says:

    your breakfast cookie looks like a cake from the cheesecake facotry! just delicious girlie 🙂

    I can’t believe you enjoy standardized testing!! haha your just like one of my friends who said she loves ACT/SAT day. I guess its better if you enjoy it.


  3. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    UGH YOUR BREAKFAST’S KILL ME!!! hahaha I want them sooo badly! 🙂

    My friends and I got yelled at by this random motorcycle guy a week ago when his bike was parked outside our sorority before a dance and we were pretending to ride it, haha….random, but he was a jerk!


  4. luckytastebuds says:

    Hi Sarah!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement on my last post. It makes me feel so much better knowing that others go through the same thing I do and thank you for not being disgusted at my eating. You’re TOTALLY right…no guilt allowed!!! Move on to the new day and start all over. 🙂

    Maybe I should start my days with breakfast cookies like yours. OMGOSH it’s hard to imagine something THAT tasty looking can also be so good for you. 🙂


  5. dailydulcie says:

    That breakfast cookie does look DAZZLING! It’s like a work of art 😉

    My mom yelled at me today when I invited *the boy” in my room and I hadn’t made my bed yet.. hahah oh mothers..

    Hope you had a great Sunday!


  6. erinbee says:

    define yell. because on my run the other day some creepers driving by ‘yelled’ inappropriate things at me. but if were strictly talking about yelling in a scolding manner then..uh. never. because im perfect. come on sarah you know that.


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