Into my lap, part 2

Featured food finds: Wednesday and Thursday

I knew I was in trouble on Wednesday morning when I walked into my office (after a full breakfast at home, of course) to these fateful words coming from Nydia’s mouth: Sarah, there’s food in the conference room. And, as usual, it was my favorite Dominican breakfast of all time (well, since September when I started working at my agency): mangu and Dominican oatmeal! I kept my portions small and snack-sized because I tend to think more reasonably at 9am than I do at, say, 3:30pm when baby showers start to roll around …


I won’t go into details of what comprises these delicacies since I have now described them on my blog about 7,000 times thanks to my coworkers, but rest secure in the knowledge that I was in breakfast heaven.

In the afternoon, I had a lunchtime meeting, so I brought my CSA salad and supplemented with these meeting snacks: carrots, red peppers, salsa, and grapes.


Plus a perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookie homemade by Sarah (the other one):


Also during the meeting, Deborah shared a bite of her eclectic rice creation that included lettuce, pork chop, cilantro, beans, and a number of other secret ingredients:


As you know, the mother lode of all food finds (Lucia’s baby shower) happened shortly thereafter 😛

On Thursday, Beryl put together some cheddar and guava jelly snacks for us:


(I had about 6 :-P)

Myrna also brought a stewed eggplant dish for me that her stepdad made. I had it on top of all my CSA leaves:


I can’t remember the name of it, but it was sooooooo good.


Lillian gave me the salad that came with her tacos. Yay for more greens!


(See that avocado in there? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

Belkis had a slice of cake leftover from the shower Wednesday, so she shared it with me.


My half:


And then, Deborah and I got wind that there had been a birthday party upstairs, so she called in a favor to one of her 5th floor connections :-D. We went to the conference room up there and found this:


So Deborah loaded up a plate for us to share:


Custard filling!


And the cake goes on … How is it possible?!

I’m off for some NYC food blogger excitement. Can you guess where I am and who I am seeing??

6 thoughts on “Into my lap, part 2

  1. Gina says:

    Guava jelly and cheddar?? I feel like I’m watching the Food Network! I’ve never heard of guava jelly, but they must be good if you had 6! Yum, the stewed eggplant sounds delicious too, I love love love eggplant!


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