After the vows

After Erin’s wedding, pretty much everyone stayed at the nearby Hampton Inn … which meant Otis Spunkmeyer cookies upon entry!


Oatmeal raisin and chocolate chocolate chip:


After the cookies, I followed the pointing scarecrow to my room …


… and came upon this sight!

Img 6834

My hotel room turned out to be the handicapped-equipped room … which meant a big bathtub. My roommates had made the obvious cognitive leap from there to convert our room into the after party lounge.

Even more exciting than beer in the tub, however, was this big pumpkin randomly sitting in the middle of the floor:


I plopped down right next to it and put the pumpkin on my lap 😛


Everyone went wiiiiiiiiild watching the Yankees win:


It was a mostly New York-based crowd clumped into a Massachusetts hotel room, so the crowd got rowdy in moments like this:


And then we got a noise complaint and got rowdier …


… and another noise complaint and rowdier:


Pizza made an appearance to much fanfare…


AK was released from photographer duties:


The candy apples from the centerpieces made an appearance, and AK modeled appropriate consumption behavior again:


We got another noise complaint and got appropriately louder. Evidence:



And then the Sun Chips arrived!

Img 6869



And the evening continued to spiral further out of control through more noise complaints and threats of an imminent hostile takeover by the Franklin Police Department.


IMG_6870.JPGIMG_6871.JPGImg 6880

In the end, however, we survived the fake blood …

Img 6883

… and the party detritus …

Img 6861

… with no arrests and love for everyone!


Survival was especially critical for locking in access to the hotel’s breakfast buffet the next morning!


I had banana oatmeal with peanut butter, fruit salad, a biscuit with jam, a chocolate muffin, and wayyyyyy too much more!


I left the hotel with the newlyweds, and we made our way back home to collects some final odds and ends and say good-bye to the parents, and then we hit the road for our journey back down here to NY.

Once again, I looooove other people’s weddings and all the excitement surrounding them 😀

Where do YOU take the party after the party??

9 thoughts on “After the vows

  1. erin says:

    i completely missed the sun chips! and we would have been at that bar around the corner, if weird towns in massachusetts didn’t choose to shut their doors at 11pm on a saturday. thanks for hosting!


  2. A@ Please Don't Eat Me! says:

    whoooooo!!!! ive been to that hotel! lol i cant believe the noise complaints! i mean.. switch rooms if ya cant handle the party! haha..
    we always do that with my family- beer in the bathtub and a hotel party. it works!

    i love the wedding pics! it looks like it was SO much fun!


  3. luckytastebuds says:

    I am tooootally feeling the food coma there Sarah. hahah So much good food!!! I wish my friends would get married soon so I can attend a wedding. I’ve never been to one!!!

    Come check out my giveaway dear!! It’s GOOD, I promise!! 🙂 have a fabulous day Sarah!


  4. Vani says:

    what a fun wedding!! seriously, I am so over the super-traditional-uptight weddings — this looks like such a good time.

    Looking forward to our Vspot dinner!!!


  5. Danielle says:

    What fun, hahaha. I haven’t been to any weddings recently 🙂 but at school we usually go back to my best friend’s apartment for the after-party. Yeah, it’s awesome 😉 Have a great week, hope all is well!


  6. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Wow, I have enjoyed this epic wedding recap! And you survived the dress stress with no sweat – congrats, haha 🙂

    Looks like an amazing party! And I’m so impressed by that cake. Mad props to the homemade skizzles up in that wedding.


  7. Ashley says:

    Hello missy! It’s been a while – I’ve been off galivanting around the globe but its good to be back reading your inspiring blog.

    Sun chips. Yum! I discovered these in the US and loved them.

    I always take cakes or cupcakes to parties because I love to bake. Basically anything with a thick layer of icing!


  8. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Sarah, hope you’re surviving. I’m sure that life is keeping you from the blog at the moment (I feel your pain), but just wanted to say wassup and let you know I was thinking of you (and missing your food). Take care!!


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