Diaper rash solved, eczema conquered

You may recall the diaper rash saga that actually cost me my sanity a few months back …


… especially when the rash turned out not to be regular diaper rash or even yeast but, rather, ECZEMA. After I had spent two weeks slathering my poor, defenseless infant in drugstore anti-fungal cream on the pediatrician’s recommendation.


Well, I’m happy to say that after testing and adjusting and tweaking several recipes in my super scientific diaper rash cream lab, we have a winner! Continue reading!

What we’re eating

I have three exciting (for me) food updates today: the state of baby-led weaning, our local seafood adventures, and my new love of stuck-inside-all-day-thanks-to-four-feet-of-snow baking.
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Very sharp teeth, plus nursing must-haves

Before Beatrice was born, I had already made a few key decisions about how her development would unfold. I had worked with enough new parents and babies to know my preferences, which were as follows:

1. My baby would take a sloooowww and steady approach to solid food, meaning she would be a cuddly breastfeeding baby forever.

2. My baby would not crawl until at least eight or nine months. Preferably later. See reasoning in #1 above.

3. My baby would be a late teether, with the first tooth making its grand appearance somewhere around 14 months. Again, see #1.

My sense of control here was perhaps ill-advised, but I have always been determined. I figured I could make it happen.

I should have known better. Continue reading!