A room for a crib

Soooo … big news! The crib finally has its own room.


Freja, on the other hand …


… is still in bed with us by 11pm every night, as expected.

She is, however, slowly adjusting to the new arrangement.

Exhibit A:


Best. Nap. Ever.

Anyway. I did not think we were actually this close to putting the room together, but there was a Friday night when I could not resist rolling out the new rug just a teeeeeeny bit to see what it was like in person.


Next thing I knew, I was dismantling the guest bed, slashing prices on craigslist, and giving furniture away for free.

Then, of all the lucky things to happen, we had a snow day! Erik was stuck at home, so I enlisted his help for the two-people-necessary aspects of furniture arranging and rearranging and rearranging.


We even Facetimed my mom in for a bit to help with the placement until we got it just right.


Our plan is to let Freja acclimate to sleeping in here for couple weeks so we can better assess the smoothest way to transition Bebop into the room. Her twin bed will eventually go along that left wall where the glider and changing table are right now.


Of course, we will then need to work out where to put the glider and changing table, but that is neither here nor there because I am enjoying this moment.

In the meantime, our hallway looks like this:


NBD. It’s a small price to pay for a room that brings world peace so much happiness.

The glider is currently my favorite perch in the whole apartment. I can sit there in my pjs all day (or for the approximately 93 seconds until my participation is required) and watch the ear exams go down.


Here’s the shelving unit portion of the free furniture that I refinished. I am thrilled that the little rug from Bebop’s room fits so perfectly under the shelves because I was worried there would be no space for it in here. Also, the airing-out rack for Freja’s wool diaper covers fits on the top right shelf, within reach of the changing table. If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is.


Although the corner of the room in the photo below looks like a complete disaster, if you squint really hard, you should be able to see what a fabulous reading nook it will someday be. Don’t ask me where those future-clothing storage bins will go, though. Maybe in the hallway with the guest bed mattress? 😂


Also on the agenda are purchasing and installing light-blocking shades and hanging the art (soooo much art).

For now, we have happy kids on a happy rug in a happy room, and I can get out of bed in the mornings without having to turn sideways and shuffle myself through the painfully narrow inter-bed-crib channel.


What more could anyone want (aside from ice cream)?

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