Repurposing leftovers, part 2!

Lunchtime rolled around, so I started rummaging through the fridge again to rescue as many leftovers as possible (and to create some more fridge space by eliminating some of the 10,000 storage containers hogging the shelves!). I uncovered some cabbage salad with apples and pomegranate from who knows when, but it was dressed with vinegar and seemed sufficiently preserved, so I added it to the leftover turkey from yesterday and heated it in the microwave. I also found half an avocado, so I mixed that with some Dijon mustard and a couple Tbsp of Greek yogurt that was taking up another dish. I finished off the plate with two of my leftover curried carrot and zucchini latkes.


For dessert, mom and I split the little bit of pumpkin/applesauce/banana mixture that did not make it into the oven with this morning’s project.


A perfect, well-balanced meal that had the added benefit of eliminating five containers from the fridge. What a relief!

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