Shhhh … top secret BSI info here

This is just a quick quick post — I’ll be back for real much later tonight — to express how excited I am to be the host of this week’s Blogger Secret Ingredient contest!! HUGE thanks to Biz at Biggest Diabetic Loser for bestowing this honor upon me :-).

In case you’re not familiar with the BSI contest, I am going to announce a (not so) secret ingredient, and you get to create an original recipe starring that ingredient. You can enter the contest by (1) posting the recipe and photos on your blog and emailing the link to me at OR (2) if you don’t have a blog, by emailing the recipe and photos to me to post for you. The deadline for this contest is this Sunday, February 1, 2009. I will announce the winner of the contest (and of a marvelous to-be-determined prize) on Monday, February 2.

I’m still trying to come up with a good prize, but in the meantime, I wanted to give you all a heads up on the ingredient. So, enough rambling. The ingredient is …


We all love dates (especially Medjool, mmmm) as snacks just as they are, but I’m looking for creative and innovative ways to work them into more substantial meals and side dishes. (And if you don’t know what a date is, allow Wikipedia to help you.) So put your cooking caps on, and let’s see what you can come up with!


I’ll be keeping a running list of submissions here as the contest goes on so we can all keep track.

  1. Submitted 1/27 by ttfn300 at Tri to Cook: Butternut Squash & Date Puree
  2. Submitted 1/28 by Meghann at The Inner Workings of a College Graduate: Perfectly Portioned for One Roasted Eggplant, Date, & Kale Curry
  3. Submitted 1/29 by Denise at Denise’s Kitchen: Pork Candy (aka Stuffed Dates with Goat Cheese & Prosciutto
  4. Submitted 1/31 by Brandi at Bran Appétit: Barley Date Pudding
  5. Submitted 2/1 by Kate: Mystery Date Muffins
  6. Submitted 2/1 by Emily at Sheila Moon/Big Swingin’ Cycles Team: Powdered Sugar Coated Date, Walnut, & Butter Balls
  7. Submitted 2/1 by Vani at Fit for Free: Whole-Wheat Coffee Cake Muffins with Date-Nut Streusel
  8. Submitted 2/1 by Victoria at The Idle Loaf: Banana Date Coffee Cake
  9. Submitted 2/1 by Kath at Kath Eats Real Food: Blue Cheese, Date, & Pecan Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
  10. Submitted 2/1 by Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake: Oatmeal Date Cookies
  11. Submitted 2/1 by Biz at Biggest Diabetic Loser: Date Wontons
  12. Submitted 2/1 by Andrea at Bella Eats: Peanut Butter Date Blondies
  13. Submitted 2/1 by my mom: Date, Feta, & Toasted Nut Stuffed Butternut Squash

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