Socialize for your health

I love when I can combine a good workout with quality friend time, and I’ve been able to do it twice this weekend! Yesterday, Kate, Gina, and I did our 5-mile waffle + ice cream bRUNch, and today my friend Sarah (but I call her “Ting”) is in town and we did another 3.5 around Prospect Park. Our run was so pleasant because it wasn’t part of any sort of training or obligation; it was just a fun thing to do together. Ting’s a bit of a speed demon — I had to work hard to keep up with her, and the stats show it: 34 minutes, 331 calories, average heart rate 166, max 181.

Before the run, I had a quick mid-morning snack of 1/2 grapefruit and a tsp of peanut butter:


Post-run, I made us a yummy brunch of leftovers and cleared five containers from the fridge in the process. Yay for streamlining!


I sauteed the Dominican rice I brought home from Friday’s work party in a tsp canola with 1/2 green pepper, 1/4 onion, and the rest of my green beans. The little ramekin has the last of Belkis’ habichuelas (about 1/3 cup each) with a couple spoonfuls of brown basmati rice, and I also fried two eggs in a tsp of olive oil (one for each of us). Ting poured hot sauce all over her egg :-). Sooooo good.


For dessert, we had the last crumbles of the Orange-Cranberrry Dark Chocolate Heart Tart, also left over from Friday’s work party:


So sad this is all gone now. It was amazing!


We also each had one of the dark chocolate Adora calcium disks that Tina sent in my Valentine’s package. These tasted just like straight delicious dark chocolate — hard to believe they pack such a calcium punch!


Next up: more errands. The list never ever ends, but I am getting through it! It sounds like there are a lot of you who do NOT have tomorrow off. It’s the worst to have to drag yourself somewhere when you know that everyone else is relaxing. Hope you’re getting some quality weekend time in now!

7 thoughts on “Socialize for your health

  1. snackface says:

    That tart looks like I must make it some time. It is really fun to combine workouts with socializing- it flies by! I have a workout planned with my Muffin tomorrow morning! Have a lovely night!


  2. cleanveggiex3 says:

    i keep trying to find those adora supplements!
    they look so good.

    i think leftovers taste the best the day after 🙂 sounds great!


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