A day without cake …

… is apparently a day I will never have to know for as long as my internship continues! I think I have had more cake in the past seven months than I have had in my entire life. There has been birthday cake, baby shower cake, rum cake, tres leches cake, banana bread pudding cake, smiley face green-frosted st. pat’s cake, DIY cakeand that’s just in the past two weeks!! Obviously, I’m building up to the fact that I ate more cake today. But obviously (or maybe not so obviously, haha), it was not the first thing I ate at work today. Nutrition does play a part in my life, too.

My strawberry-banana-apricot-papaya-cardamom-nutmeg yogurt kicked things off a little bit after 11:


There was also some Newman’s ginger mint action (x6?):


Lunch happened around 12:30. I brought along about three cups of a fresh spinach and arugula mixture and used it as a bed for my two heated “entrees” which included the last cup of Mediterranean chicken pasta:


And 1/2 cup of asparagus and portabellos in curry butter:


On the side, I had 1/3 cup of the chicken and rice Vianni made for me (I also brought home a full cup of it for another time, yum!):


For dessert, I had about 1 tbsp hershey’s kissables and a baby guava hard candy. I did not know dessert x 1000 would be arriving later.


Around 3:30, a serving of Newman’s spelt pretzels came out to play with the last 2 tbsp of Inginia’s guacamole from Friday:


Just after 4, I heard Deborah calling my name from down the hall in a familiar mischievous tone that was scary and exciting all at the same time. The next work out of her mouth? Cuuuuuuuuuuuuupcaaaaaaakes!!

Deborah had fortuitously come across some inside knowledge in the course of traversing the building. Our City Harvest delivery had arrived and, along with it, boxes upon boxes of cupcakes from Buttercup Bake Shop that we could not give out to the families! Obviously, Nydia and I flew down the four flights of stairs to round up what we could for ourselves and the other ladies on the floor.

I came back upstairs with a sampling that included German chocolate, chocolate chocolate, devil dog, and red velvet:


The crumbs started flying:


I meant to have just a couple little bites, but I think I ended up having about two cupcakes’ worth of bites!




Ahhh, well … just another day in the life πŸ˜›

At the end of the day, there were still 2.5 cupcakes left on the conference room table next to my desk, so I packed them up to bring home for the freezer. Here’s a little peek into one of my many freezer-organizing systems:


On the left are a couple stacks of the healthyish cheesecake I made last Friday night; on the right are today’s cupcakes cut into manageable portions for easy extraction in a dessert emergency.

Do you manage extra dessert items by tossing them, storing them, or eating them right away? Or is there a fourth option you prefer?

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24 thoughts on “A day without cake …

  1. sue says:

    YUM! so jealous of those cupcakes! if i bake a big batch of something, i like to go a little crazy on day one and then split the remainder between my friends and the freezer.


  2. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    Ah those cupcakes look amazinggg!! I have my eye on the red ones! I love your little organized platter of desserts….so smart to put them in a freezer!!!!

    Like I have said before, can’t really comment on the storage of freezer foods due to the fact that my freezer is the size of an amy’s dinner! so sad, too bad!


  3. dailydulcie says:

    mmmmmm… those cupcakes look fabulous. i’m so jealous that you got to enjoy them all!

    I store desserts so I don’t eat them all at once, but I still get to enjoy them later on when I’m craving them!!


  4. Genesis says:

    wow that guava candy looks interesting! whered you find them? as for desserts i try to feed them to whoever will take them so i dont have to eat them :0 greatest solution ever!


  5. Ashley says:

    Firstly, your yogurt combination sounds really lovely! I’ve never thought to put caradom or nutmeg into yogurt. I imagine the sweetness of the frui compliments those flavours? I’ll have to try to find out πŸ™‚

    Also, those cupcakes look so beautiful! What a wonderful treat! I have the biggest sweet tooth so I am very very jealous that your freezer is packed with all those goodies!

    In answer to your question, I generally eat the extra dessert rights away (because I’m a glutton and because otherwise someone else in the house will get their greedy little paws on it!) If I had more self control (if being the operative word…), I would probably freeze them.


  6. snackface says:

    Yayyyy I’m so happy you got a workout in this morning!! (Sorry, just caught up!) It really can make you feel worlds better.

    Newman’s Ginger mints!!! I’m in love with them right now, too. They are so incredibly yum…but not as yum as those cupcakes! I’d probably eat some pieces immediately, store some in the fridge, then keep going back to the fidge several times for more bites! Have a great night and Thursday morning, dove:)


  7. coco says:

    woooo….. you’re having so much goodies!!! πŸ™‚ what kind of internship is that? I want one too!
    I don’t have chance to have leftover desserts…. I never offer to bring the extra to home when there is social event. But I guess if I do, I’ll just have it in its original form πŸ˜€


  8. Jessica says:

    Oh my! I’ve found if I tell myself just one or two bites…I still eat the whole thing. It’s all or nothing for me πŸ™‚ Love seeing everyones Easter candy too.


  9. brandi says:

    I love reading about your days πŸ™‚

    I should cut stuff into portions like that. I do that with bread so it’s easier to just pull one slice at a time, but that’s a good idea!

    that german chocolate cupcake looks ridiculous. and i love those little kissables!


  10. Sweetie Pie says:

    I love nothing better than a fancy dancy cupcake. I’m so jealous! I am also glad to get a glimpse at some of your freezer organization skills.

    As you know, I’m trying to clean mine out! I do toss desserts in there. The trick for me is remembering to take them out and eat them. I can quickly accumulate too many things. I decided to take cookies to work to share with my co-workers rather than freeze them on Monday, but freezing them was most definitely my second choice. I guess “pawning excess baked goods off on co-workers” is my fourth choice. They didn’t seem to mind! πŸ™‚


  11. joggerslife says:

    Oh, such great ideas! I always end up tossing leftovers like crazy. However, I’ve become very inspired by your food-saving ways. =) Mostly, it’s just laziness…and that is no excuse! I never considered cutting desserts up into manageable portions and freezing. Do the cupcake portions freeze together though??


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