Right on schedule

Well, everything’s back to normal with a full internship day on the horizon followed by class tonight. I spend 13 hours straight away from home on Mondays, and at least 3 of those hours take place on the subway! Sigh. Maybe I’ll have a car someday.

Breakfast this morning was more creamy oat bran with prune groatmeal topping, mmmm.


Since I’m out of tofu, I made the oat bran a little bit differently last night. As usual, I cooked 1/4 cup oat bran with 1/2 cup unsweetened soymilk on the stovetop, but I also added in 2 tbsp ground flax and an extra 1/4 cup water and let it boil for a minute. Once again, it thickened up successfully in the fridge overnight and reheated perfectly in the oven this morning.


I topped the groatmeal with a spoonful of homemade sunflower seed butter and a sprinkling of unsweetened coconut:


With a soymilked almond sunset/black tea combo on the side and a tall glass of water:


I also went to this gym this morning and managed to enjoy it tremendously! My body has clearly missed it the past several days. I jogged there and back — the jogging still hurts, but I tried some of the simultaneous knee/butt kicks that Amy recommended to me last week, and they actually minimized the pain a bit and made me focus on lifting my legs up instead of just throwing them out in front of me … although I probably looked less than sane while doing them. Here are stats from the crazy jog, 20 minutes on the Stepmill at Level 11, two sets each of hip adductor, abductor, and glute machines, and 15 minutes on the elliptical cross-country program: 1 hour and 15 minutes, 588 calories (still WAY higher than normal), 145 average heart rate, 183 max (also higher than normal).

Some extra things to note:

First, biscotti bites are everywhere! Kelsey, winner of the jasmine tea biscotti bites in Meghann‘s bake sale, has received them and reviewed them here!

Next, To Be the Whole Package is hosting this week’s BSI contest. Go check it out and start thinking about your recipe!

Next next, enter the HangryPants Stonyfield giveaway by midnight tonight!

Finally, I’ve been tagged by Mara at What’s for Dinner? to complete this “Survey of 8s,” so here goes

8 Things Iā€™m Looking Forward To:

  1. income (start date of this is questionable …)
  2. the end of this semester
  3. the weekend!
  4. lunch
  5. Erin Gunn‘s wedding in October!
  6. consistently warm weather
  7. a life of traveling the world saving babies
  8. my next chance to sleep

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. traverse the east coast (or at least the stretch between NC and NY)
  2. eat pancakes
  3. rock in a rocking chair
  4. take 3 trains (thank you, track construction) to get home from the airport
  5. cook
  6. nap on a plane
  7. unpack
  8. blog

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. live alone
  2. use a car for errands once in a while
  3. run without pain
  4. travel the world saving babies (any ideas?) and eating fun food
  5. move south right now
  6. relax
  7. lie on a beach
  8. live closer to my family

(Note: I just realized that several of these wishes conflict! Hmmm, I am going to have to figure this out.)

8 Shows I Watch:

Is it completely terrible that I stopped watching TV when I started grad school in June 2007? There’s just no time! Sometimes I have the Food Network on for background noise.

8 People I Tag:

Many of you have probably been tagged already, so I’m just going to open the survey up to everyone reading this post! Let me know one thing you did yesterday, one thing you are looking forward to, and one thing you wish you could do (or more, if you feel like it!) šŸ˜€

17 thoughts on “Right on schedule

  1. Amy says:

    Ah, I understand wanting to live alone, too! Mmmm, lying on a beach and then coming back to a nice, clean, quiet apartment….

    Where does your family live? Do you get to visit them often?


  2. katecooks says:

    your breakfast and workout are seriously impressive!!! i have to say…went to the beach, going to the beach next weekend, and hmmm maybe go to the beach every day?? LOL i hope this warm weather is HERE TO STAY!!!


  3. brandi says:

    yay for a good workout!

    Yesterday I ate corn in 4 different ways. Nick pointed that out to me last night. Sad, right? Eh. I liked them all šŸ™‚

    I am lookin forward to going to Honduras in July. But I will not want to return and I already know it.

    I wish I could fly!


  4. Becca A says:

    haha groatmeal, love it.

    Yesterday I actually watched a movie, I’m looking forward to spring in the Hudson Valley, and I wish I had more time to blog/comment


  5. Taylor says:

    Breakfast looks delicious, yummm!

    – One thing I did yesterday was bake Devil’s Food cupcakes!!
    – I’m looking forward to start college in the fall. I know, sounds odd that I’m excited for school, but all freshmen are excited.. Right? šŸ™‚
    – I wish I could find a job. Man, it’s so impossibly now-a-days! haha.


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