Sample satisfaction

On my way home last night, I stopped into a couple of grocery stores for about $11 worth of important items — milk and yogurt for making yogurt, part-skim ricotta (because it was on sale), and broccoli (because I needed greens!). I also collected a few samples along the way to incorporate into dinner:


The plate includes a big ol’ pile of plain steamed broccoli, the rest of Myrna’s McDonald’s breakfast sandwich that she gave me yesterday when she got too full, and two little quiche samples — one sweet ham and one spinach — from Union Market.


I don’t think I’ve had a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich since I was 7. My dad and I used to go on weekend mornings because I was a crazy picky eater (what happened??!) but I loved those biscuits more than anything. I would get mine with only an egg on it because I didn’t like sausage or melted cheese. I’m still not crazy about sausage, but, even though it’s not something I ever crave, this sandwich was definitely tasty! The biscuit was as good as I remembered.


Dessert developed as I was getting the yogurt ready to go into the oven for overnight incubation. I’d picked up my two favorite brands to use as starters — Stonyfield and Ronnybrook — in fun flavors so I could play with the leftovers.


I reserved the plain yogurt parts for yogurt making but kept the flavored fun parts (cream top, coconut pieces, chocolate-on-the-bottom) for me:


I swirled in a bit of part-skim ricotta to make coconut-chocolate cheesecake yogurt and then dipped in a little sample sliver of peanut butter brownie from Union Market:


I surrounded my brownie cheesecake bowl with fruit salad and a sample piece of cherry lattice pie, also from the market:



Samples are so exciting!

For dessert #2 later, I had my leftover almond sunset tea from morning with two jasmine biscotti bites for dipping:


What’s the best free sample, food or non-food, you ever got?

14 thoughts on “Sample satisfaction

  1. Christina says:

    Wow that brownie cheesecake bowl looks amazing! I never thought to take home samples.. good idea.

    The best I probably ever got was a piece of pumpkin pie from Williams Sonoma. I ended up buying their pecan pumpkin butter because of it!


  2. Elisabeth says:

    So I’m just wondering…

    When you go into the market and sample the samples…do you bring along a container with you so that you can safely bring home the samples without squishing?!

    I must admit that I’m fascinated by your sampling confidence. I generally go into Costco (the sample mecca around here), but I’m much too geeked out to even sample the sample…much less bring home the sample!

    I think I need a support group.


  3. brandi says:

    i have never tried that chocolate yogurt, but it sounds so good!

    best sample? so far, my stonyfield coupons! I got to try a bunch of them, which was fun.

    I need more places around here to give samples away.


  4. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    I don’t even know what the best sample I ever got is because I’m usually too bashful to take them in the first place. You have inspired me to forget that. There is free food to be had in this world and it is a fool who doesn’t take advantage!


  5. Amy says:

    I’m also curious about the samples. Do you just ask them for one? What do you put it in? Or do they give you a container to put it in?

    This is good marketing for the them, too, because shoppers might not know they like something until they try it!


  6. kimszym says:

    I was also wondering how you brought your delish looking samples home. My favorite sample was probably an ice cream sample.


  7. Danielle says:

    Oh wow everytime we went on vacation or away when i was little we would leave early and stop at McDonalds for breakfast on the way, seriously I think the only time I had McDonald’s growing up was for breakfast because my mom hates burgers, and my dad’s not a fan of McDonald’s at all so going in there always feels like I’m going on a vacation.
    Hmm my favorite sample, was probably the Fage I recieved they gave me so much and it was so delicious!


  8. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    My favorite sample was a few years back, and some holiday starbucks drink!!!! It was years ago but I remember that I was OBSESSED with whatever I had sampled but I still have no clue what exactly it was!

    That brownie cheesecake bowl…….oh boy, I must re-create that, NOW!


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