Put the crumbs to use

When I got home from class yesterday afternoon, I had a few kitchen projects that img_8592needed addressing.

My sunflower seed butter having ridden into the sunrise with breakfast yesterday morning, I determined that it was time to inaugurate my Everybody’s Nuts “south of the border” pistachios. I sampled a few to make sure they passed the test:


Oh my goodness. These are delicious. Mildly hot, mildly sweet, and super-spiced with chilli powder and cumin. YUM. I shelled a pile for the coffee bean grinder:


And then ground away:


Beautiful, right? I can’t wait until I have a real-live, sturdy, food processor someday. The thought of making more than 3 tbsp of nut butter at a time is mind-blowing.

My coworker Mildred’s birthday was yesterday, and since I wasn’t there due to my Thursday class, I wanted to bake her a cake to bring in today. Mildred doesn’t like chocolate (crazy), so I thought some Passover sponge cake would be just the ticket, especially since the recipe called for seven eggs and I had all that potato starch left from Passover. I obviously enjoyed the cake batter immensely. While baking, some “unfortunate” leakage occurred:


The leaks conveniently doubled as taste-tests to make sure the cake was not poisonous:


All clear. Phew.

Finished with a drizzle of the homemade black raspberry jam Wife gave me in Charlotte last weekend:


I had both broccoli and smoked salmon (still from Tuesday’s egg event) on hand, so I set out to recreate one of the appetizers from Saturday’s wedding buffet for dinner.


I’m so gourmet, right?


For dessert, I knew I needed to incorporate all of these cake crumbs from the sponge cake I had just baked:


I made chocolate peanut butter froyo with plain yogurt, part skim ricotta, unsweetened cocoa powder, PB2, ground flax, and chopped dates. Immersion blend, freeze for 20, stir, freeze for 20, stir, and then it’s done! Here’s my cake and ice cream bowl topped with coconut and pieces of chocolate-caramel-nut easter candy:


Ahhhhhh, so so so so good! Even better than the Tasti-D I had earlier in the day, if you can believe that. (I also may have gone back and had several more bites of that Easter candy).


When do you prefer homemade over store-bought?

20 thoughts on “Put the crumbs to use

  1. brandi says:

    ooh, spicy pistachio butter! We’ve tried that brand’s salt and pepper ones and they are GREAT!

    I like homemade everything better than store bought, usually.

    But some restaurants are much better than me at making certain things πŸ™‚


  2. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    The first answer to that question that comes to mind would have to be coffee, as in brewing my own vs. buying a cup on the way to work. I used to think I didn’t have time to make my own before work, but I decided to cut back on unneccesary spending so there went the daily coffees. Much to my delight, I liked my own coffee better! Plus, then I’m free to brew fancy things into it, like cinnamon. πŸ™‚

    I was just thinking of treating myself to a Tasti today when I saw your last post with the extra sexy cup you got yesterday. I have a coupon for a 99cent small cup too! So it is written, so it shall be done.


  3. Rose says:

    Great use of crumbs here. I always let things go to waste – this is a good reminder.

    For me, homemade desserts are always (hands down) better than store-bought cookies or cake.


  4. Mom says:

    Sar-love those teeth! New banner,obviously. So the expense and the discomfort all those years ago were definitely worth it! When did the new header happen? We’ve been on the road all week,as you know, and will get to NYC tomorrow night. We’re now at Jess and Peter’s in Greensboro,NC,and get to spend the day together. This week has been such a whirlwind,with good family and friend visits, but we miss the 5 kitties and our own bed. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night for dinner. Love and Hugs and kisses, Mom


  5. Kristie says:

    Homemade for the win but sometimes I’m just too lazy or don’t have the time, energy, resources or knowledge of how to make certain things so store bought takes over. Pretty sure homemade is better 95% of the time though no matter what it is. Most especially when it comes to baked goods… yum yum.

    I NEED to try homemade pistacho butter, that looks killer!

    And your kind of desserts are my kind of desserts. I LOVE what you do in combining all kinds of random stuff to make something mad delicious. I always want my desserts to make loaded up with random combos of all kinds of whatevers hanging around. I’m not satisfied with simple treats anymore! The more stuff that goes into it the better. I’m not nearly as creative as you though. I need to start taking notes!


  6. Sweetie Pie says:

    As a cake and ice cream fanatic, I must say that bowl looks fantastic! Excellent use of crumbs. I’m so glad you were able to check the cake to make sure it was safe. That was so very nice of you!

    I almost always prefer homemade when it comes to food, but I got a bit tired of homemade clothes, cabbage patch dolls and care bears as a child. My family was definitely into making stuff (which was usually cheaper) and NOT into buying things. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard “I can make that…”, I could buy a shiny new storebought care bear! πŸ™‚ Now I know that I should value the items made with love more, but then… I just felt like a really uncool fourth grader. Ha!


  7. Erin says:

    That looks beyond SO good!

    I prefer homemade pizza to strore bought (but not preferred to REAL pizza shop pizza here in NJ).

    Homemade soups and chilis are way better than store bought.


  8. Bec says:

    Homemade almost always wins! Also I want to make my own nut butters, so jealous I need a food processor. Lastly smoked salmon and broccoli only the best things ever and you combined them, you are a food genius!


  9. Hangry Pants says:

    The other day Mark and I were at the market and he picked up the pistachios and said, “Let’s make pistachio butter.” But I was too lazy to shell them!!! I can’t wait to tell him you did it.


  10. Alison says:

    Wow. Those pistachios and the cake look incredible!

    I definitely like homemade desserts. I want to try homemade nut butters. I love the taste of homemade bread.


  11. Christina says:

    When you make sunflower seed butter do you add oil or just grind up sunflower seed kernels? I have an entire bag of them and sunflower seed butter is my all time favorite butter!


  12. Danielle says:

    I’m such a fan of homemade although anything made in a really tiny italian bakery is usually better then anything I can make.
    When I read your blog and see you using the crumbs from the cake pan in your dessert it reminds me of when we learned about Native Americans in Elementary school and the teacher would say they “used every part of the animal nothing went to waste.”
    I feel so wasteful because I wouldn’t have thought twice about just dumping the crumbs in the garbage, definitely something I need to work on.


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