Well, one paper down!!! I still have two more to get done before I can breathe for real — one due on the 11th in honor of my 27th 17th birthday and one due on the 14th — but the worst is behind me. The hardest and most tedious part of the whole paper was compiling the bibliography. APA format has made an enemy for life.

Here’s something that made me laugh amidst all the stress:


In honor of finishing paper #1, I present you with a food bibliography of the weekend’s highlights in Expansion-format. Expansion-format does not require exact times and locations, nor does it require total inclusion of all consumed (which would be impossible, given the sheer quantity). For example, I do not need to provide you with photographic evidence of how I stress-ate through an entire bag of arugula like it was popcorn (concerning, but not particularly damaging) or through my freezer stash of Dancing Deer cookies like I found them on the black market (also concerning and decidedly less healthy) among other things.

Saturday’s breakfast: French Toast

Sources: grainy & seedy slice of bread discovered abandoned (possibly by Jennifer) on the conference room table at work last Monday; egg from Eggland’s Best event; banana from Holiday Inn breakfast buffet last Sunday mashed with PB2 from Kath


Saturday’s free treat: Tangomonium frozen yogurt with Ghirardelli dark chocolate bits

Sources: Bleecker St. location of Red Mango; Kate’s tip-off about “free tangomonium with one topping” day [Note: Using my finely tuned dessert translation skills, I decided that tangomonium = tangerine, mango, lemon. I was a fan.]


Saturday’s leftovers: Couscous chicken merguez from Thursday night

Sources: Quercy restaurant in Carroll Gardens, my leftovers, Kareen’s leftovers, Just Veggies from Just Tomatoes


Saturday’s second (pictured; 20th if we were to count unpictured) treat: UliMana raw Chia Moon Drop

Sources: UliMana, maker of the most delicious rawbutyouwoudln’tevenknowit chocolate truffles in the world; Elisabeth at Jogger’s Life who blogged about these treats and made me need some of my own.


Sunday’s snack: Apples and pretzels with homemade pineapple-coconut-ginger peanut butter

Sources: spelt pretzels from Newman’s Own Organics; green apple from Physique 57’s waiting area; red apple from work meeting last week; peanuts from Trader Joe’s, dried pineapple rings from Peeled; magic pineapple powder from Just Tomatoes [note: the powder was out of control pineappley (aka delicious) straight, but it got kind of hidden in the peanut butter, even though I used half of the package. I was disappointed.]; ginger from my cabinet; coconut from my fridge.



Also, congrats to Heather for winning the previous post’s leave-multiple-comments challenge. Heather put the pedal to the medal and left not two, not three, but five comments (plus one more that she accidentally left on another post)!

My blogging format over the next couple of weeks is probably going to be spotty and inconsistent as I scramble to get everything done by May 14. I expect to be back soon, however, with some featured meals [I’m completely phrase/format-stealing from Vani here. She knows what she’s doing!] for the week along with a run down of surprise foods that make an appearance.

What are your featured meals this week?

26 thoughts on “Sources

  1. coco says:

    featured meal this week?! hard to pick just one, so I’d say cornbread, homemade nut butter, ricotta cheesecake, barley risotto, roasted rainbow carrots!!! hahaha… šŸ˜€ that’s much more than one!
    Good luck on your paper works! šŸ™‚


  2. fitforfree says:

    It takes the pressure off to just include the features, right?!
    My featured meal of the week was the taco salad I had on Saturday!! crumbled taco shells + spicy veggie meat + hot salsa + guac + refried beans + black bean/barley pilaf. Holy mama.

    Congrats on finishing the paper!!!


  3. Alison says:

    After my cruise, my feature meals for the upcoming week will be very light – spring rolls, big salads, soups. I’m tired of eating unlimited amounts of rich, fattening foods – but they tasted so good!


  4. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    Good luck on the last of your papers! APA format is awful!!
    Your meals looks so tasty- especially the couscous chicken dish. Yum!
    I haven’t thought about meals yet because I didn’t get home from my flight until 2am! I usually plan on Sundays šŸ™‚


  5. Hallie says:

    Hmm a featured meal? My blogging is going to be totally random as well for the next few weeks and I don’t even know how much “real cooking” I’ll get to do. But I do have a special dinner out planned, and I think it might be the first time I bring a camera into a restaurant to blog about a meal! Kinda nervous (and worried the BF will disown me…but it’s my party, you know?) but it should be fun!


  6. Elisabeth says:

    I am tickled to see that Ulimana made it into your expansion reference list. Aren’t they delish??!! I was really pleasantly surprised, and everyone is lucky that there are still enough chocolates left for me to even have a giveaway. Tee hee.


  7. homegirlcaneat says:

    I saw those moondrops at Whole Foods last night and was so tempted to buy them but didn’t! Boooo! So this week I will go back and get those badboys since you gave them such a nicely raw approval rating (: And ooohh giiirrrrlll that botox looks just so happy and fresh..yet I think I’ll pass since I like my forehead being able to move.


  8. Danielle says:

    I have no featured meals on the horizon. I need to start meal planning a little bit because I never have any clue what to eat until I walk into the kitchen and look in the cabinets.
    Your french toast looks delicious!


  9. Sweetie Pie says:

    I’ll be eating my spring market potato salad for several days, but it’s good so I don’t mind.

    That chia moon drop looks really tempting to me. Oh, that and the tangomonium. Holy Moly!!

    I hope you have a good week!


  10. trulyana says:

    Wow, what snacks! Hang in there with the papers, you’ll beat it all in no time. Keep enjoying those yummy snacks! šŸ™‚ and smiling of course. Nice to drop by your blog.


  11. Scoop says:

    My featured food for the week will have to be a cold cucumber salad with greek yogurt and other veggies. I’m trying to drop a few pounds before my big half marathon at the end of the month.

    I like your bacon banner. It reminded me that I have a package of turkey bacon in the fridge to eat soon.

    Good luck on getting things wrapped.


  12. Erin says:

    Good luck, Sarah! I know you can do it. I have three exams standing in my way, and I can’t wait to finish.
    also, I stress ate a bag of okra. We are weirdos.


  13. snackface says:

    Bahaha that sign kills me!

    MLA and APA can suck it. I just don’t understand why we need to use it! Does anyone in the real world use it?

    Hmm, stress eating a bag of arugala? That is significantly better than my normal stress eating fare: pretzels, 1/2 box cereal, throw some cookies in there…mmm.

    I wish you luck with all your work! You’ll get through it all and then feel so FREE!

    Have a lovely Tuesday, punkin.


  14. Susan says:

    Doing MLA bibiographies is soul crushing. Uggghhh. That pineapple-coconut-ginger-PB however is mind blowing. Good luck getting everything done!


  15. Michelle says:

    Did I read that right? Your birthday is on the 11th? If so, that’s a very random coincidence since MY birthday is on the 11th!

    Good luck with your remaining papers!


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