I just downloaded a trial version of Ecto, so this is an experiment to see if it really saves me time! (Wow, I can do colors :-D)

Breakfast this morning was another slice of french toasted kitchen sink muffin. It was also the last slice, sadly, since my first attempt today resulted in the toast falling in that scary space between the oven and the counter. I almost cried.


I topped the toast with Artisana cacao bliss (I will be very sad when this jar ends), unsweetened coconut, and cinnamon:


After that, I popped two more ibuprofen for dessert (gotta keep the swelling down!) along with my vitamins and headed to the gym for some leg strength and cardio. Oh wait, I was moving so slowly to get ready for the gym that I got hungry again. Pineapple and watermelon (from MA) topped with hulled hemp seed:


Then I went to the gym, came back, and made this random lunch:


Key players included a heated Eggland’s Best hard-boiled and peeled egg (getting down to the wire on these, so I need to use them fast!) sprayed with Smart Balance and sprinkled with fresh black pepper:


Peppadew salad with strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, and feta from home:


The TJ’s rice and bean chips that Elisabeth sent:


With fresh Union Market salsa (thanks, Tara!):


And Peppadew Mango Salsa:


Speaking of this mango salsa … I love it! Probably because it tastes like dessert. It would be delicious over yogurt.

Now, I’m off to get more memory (birthday present from my parents!) installed in my little old computer and to pick up my official race packet on the Upper East Side (aka the other end of the earth) for Saturday’s half!

I’m going to press publish now, though I have no idea what will happen when I do. Forgive me if this post looks wonky — it’s so disorientating using a new system/format to put it together. Have you ever used Ecto or another blog-editing software for Macs before? What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Hmmmmmm

  1. Erin says:

    Gorgeous. I’m sorry your breakfast fell in the scary crack. I know where you mean. It’s a very bad place.
    One day I’m going to have to break down and buy Cacao bliss. It looks incredible, especially in your creations.


  2. Erin says:

    Oh, and I really know nothing about technology! Your post looked fine to me, but I just use Live Writer. And obviously have done nothing with my blog. Maybe one day. For now, it’s definitely just for fun.


  3. brandi says:

    your pictures look great! I’ve never heard of echo so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do 🙂

    nice lunch – you can send the rest of those eggs to me 🙂


  4. verbalriot says:

    I just got a HUGE jar of peach mango salsa and I think it’s more fitting for dessert than anything else! Hmm..over cottage cheese perhaps? Love it.

    I am still getting used to WordPress, Ecto is another world for me! 🙂


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