Why is it purple?

Since I kept my work snackage to a minimum medium yesterday, I still had room for dinner when I got home last night. Exciting news because I love dinner. I pulled all my veggies out of the fridge and set to work on a rainbow salad that involved my roasted corn and purple cauliflower, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers:


I continued my initiation into the world of tinned fish (that started here and here) with another Cole’s delicacy:


Tinning aside, this one didn’t make me nervous at all. Mackerel has never sent chills down my spine the way that sardines and canned tuna have. Plus, considering how well I did (phenomenal, really) with those scarier varieties, I feel confident stating that the tin is no longer an obstacle. Phew.

I was blown away by what I encountered when I peeled the lid off because the piripiri sauce “packing” (the label lists olive oil, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, laurel, clove, and sea salt) actually contained real, live veggies! Plus, the pieces of fish were intact and not all pre-mashed. Maybe I am misinformed, but this intactness = freshness in my book!


I took a bite of the mackerel … and this piripiri sauce is killer! The mackerel tasted great anyway, but there’s a strong clove-y essence in there with some red pepper spiciness that I looooooooved. I chopped all the fishies and sauteed the pieces in their own sauce with some onion and then tossed that sauteed pan of flavor in with the veggies to create an enormous salad, most of which I packed up (with feta interspersed throughout) for dinner at class tonight.


The rest was last night’s din:


Many of you asked me what the story is on purple cauliflower, so I did some light research and found this. Word is that scientists developed the colorful varieties of cauliflower (which also include orange and green) NOT through genetic engineering but through selective breeding of various natural strains of cauliflower to produce the new colors. As far as I can tell, purple tastes the same as white — it’s just prettier.

Aaaaaand, since I kept dinner so deliciously light, I totally had room for ICE CREAM! Edy’s Samoas ice cream to be exact 😀 I had 1/4 cup on top of 1/4 cup chia-tapioca pudding and some berries for health.


And is anyone else pumped that The Bachelorette is on at 8:00 this season?? I haven’t been able to watch trashy TV in AGES, but this is early enough for me to still make my 9pm 10pm bedtime (because apparently it is two hours long now and I had to stay up until the end!). Mindlessness is lacking in my life, and this was an excellent way to incorporate it 😛

I was up at 5 this morning for another fun workout: 15 minutes bike, cybex legs and back, 15 minutes elliptical. It feels so good to go to the gym without the pressure for cardio cardio cardio that I felt when I was training for the half. Breakfast was a repeat because it was such a success yesterday. Cacao bliss-topped carrot cake and a yogurt-cereal-banana-berry mess:




After after:


I’ll be at work all day followed by my 6-9:30 class, so a blog post tonight is highly unlikely. I will, however, make sure to capture anything noteworthy so I can share it tomorrow!

How does food color affect your interest in eating it?

20 thoughts on “Why is it purple?

  1. Susan says:

    Some brands of canned fish are surprisingly tasty!! I’m happy you’re giving it a try, it’s my favourite cheap protein source 🙂

    I’m sort of looking forward to finishing my tri training for the same reason. I wasn’t much a cardio queen to begin with, it’ll be fun to change it up after!

    Food colour doesn’t affect me at all. My roommate however hates bananas and won’t eat anything yellow as a result. Usually works in my favour though, I get all her yellow M&Ms 🙂


  2. Rose says:

    I’ll say this – I’m intrigued by the purple cauliflower. Which means I’m probably more likely to buy it. Which means I’m attracted to pretty food 🙂


  3. fitforfree says:

    I love love love all the colors in this post!!

    I definitely love colorful food. Especially those sinfully expensive NYC make-your-own-salad bars . . . red pepper, avocado, broccoli, carrots, olives, YUM!


  4. Erin says:

    Your dinner is so pretty! I love all the colors and I’m happy to see you were greeted with cake for your return to work. It seemed very appropriate!


  5. snackface says:

    I’m so glad they knew to bring cake back into your life as soon as you returned! (Sorry, I’m a post behind here!) I have this awesome image of you crouched over all the crumbs, just scooping them up. It’s adorable.

    I highly enjoy the purp cauliflower. Well, I like seeing it, that is. I’ve only had regular and orange, but felt cool with the orange. That was the only difference.

    By the way, HUGE congratulations and HUGE hug for the 13.1 miles. You are amazing! I soooo couldn’t do that.

    Have a great day!


  6. Christina says:

    Haha I hate that the Bachelorette is on at 8 this year! That’s around the time I usually get home and I always forget to turn it on. And my boyfriend can usually only take an hour of it so I had to record the last half last night to watch today. Ah, the suspense!


  7. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    oooh! I love the photo of all the lined up veggies! So colourful! I love colour! I think generally I’m more interested in eating colourful food for sure 🙂

    Awesome on the canned fish. I can do tuna and salmon but I don’t think I can do sardines and mackeral! 🙂

    I have to say I am not excited for the Bachelorette hahaha sorry Some ladies watch it at the gym and whe my eyes wander to the tv it is on, I want to punch it! The concept of the show is so over the top and crazy LOL I can totally see the appeal though- I just can’t watch it because the people annoy me too much. Enjoy though! 🙂

    Have a great day!!


  8. The Novice Berker says:

    Gorrrgeous colors. I need to get more colors in my diet. I wonder if the purple cauliflower means certain extra nutrients are in it (since colors = phytochemicals = good for you!). I really want some Samoa’s ice cream. Samoa’s are, by far, my favorite Girl Scout cookie (followed quickly by Tagalongs and those yummy shortbreads and Thin Mints… and I could go on and on..)!


  9. Alison says:

    Thanks for the purple cauliflower info! I like trying veggies of all sorts of colors. It makes it much more interesting. I really want to try blue corn and blue potatoes.


  10. biz319 says:

    I’ve yet to find purple cauliflower – maybe I’ll get some in my CSA box later this summer! 😀

    I love using lots of colors in my foods – it makes it more interesting!

    Although I’ve been know to make all white meals too – roasted chicken with white asparagus and mashed potatoes!

    Luckily my trusty Tabasco sauce makes every dish prettier! 😀


  11. homegirlcaneat says:

    Canned fish can sometimes scare the sh!t outa me! I haven’t eaten tuna from a can in awhile but when I’m craving..I go for the tuna pouches which isn’t much better, but no draining and stinking up the kitchen sink!

    Are you gonna train for another half in the future? Obvi not now but just wondering whatchu thinkin!


  12. janetha says:

    ooo that first photo is so colorful and vibrant! i have always wondered if the purple tastes different, that is interesting to know it is just the same. i will have to pick some up if i see it because it does make for a pretty photo! haha..


  13. Anna says:

    I’m addicted to The Bachelor/Bachelorette but it’s so annoying how it’s on at 8 and for a whole 2 hours every week. Granted, I thoroughly enjoy every second watching those crazies go nuts over each other, but it’s a serious time sink when I actually have other things going on. I missed it last night, so I need to watch it on abc.com ASAP!


  14. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    LOVE the bachelor/bachelorette shows! I only watch them when I’m home, and with my mom….but it’s definitely a guilty pleasure!!

    How hilarious is the foot guy!? And ahh the man from Ohio is hatinggg on Juan….oh my, it’s all too entertaining!

    And yum, look at all this colorful food Sarah! So pretty! And yes, colorful foods definitely appeal to me more than blahhhh, color-less ones! 🙂


  15. coco says:

    gorgeous colors!!! I like to have 5 colors a day of different food…because it’s pretty and because each one provides different vitamins and minerals. 🙂 Such a good excuse! 🙂
    I’m still in hunt of the purple cauliflower!!!


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