Hot to cold

Today was steamy from the start.


Vani and I met at the subway bright and early this morning to head up to midtown for my first ever hot yoga class! Despite really wanting to love yoga, I’ve definitely always had a like-hate relationship with it. Until today, I had never taken a class at an official studio — just at various gyms and from I had afternoon plans, so Vani and I chose the morning 60-minute class (most of the regular Bikram classes are 90 minutes) which happened to be a hot Vinyasa class. I could tell I loved the place the second I walked in. The studio was so pretty with the hardwood floors, natural light, and colorful mats!


I tried my best I’m serious about yoga pose.


Yup, mostly scary. I know.

Anyway, I loved the class!! Vani and I agreed that the instructor was excellent right up until the last 15 minutes or so when her voice inexplicably changed from a pleasantly gentle encouraging tone to more of a jarring barky commanding tone, but I can overlook that. I love how I felt like I was doing something good for my body — inside and out, organs, joints, the whole thing — and felt like I was getting an excellent workout at the same time since I worked up such a sweat with the 100 degrees. I’m even inspired to go buy actual non-cotton workout attire so that I can continue … and you know the class was good if it put me in the mood to spend money!

I came back home briefly after yoga for a quick shower, change, and breakfast … at noon. I didn’t eat anything (except for a teeny spoonful of peanut butter) before I left this morning because I had been advised (thanks, Amanda!) not to eat for two hours before the class. I ate at least two days worth of food yesterday anyway, so holding off a few hours on breakfast was no biggie šŸ™‚


Breakfast’s main course involved 1/2 cup leftover cooked brown rice and triticale berries, 1/3 cup unsweetened soymilk, cinnamon, cardamom, and berries.


Photographs of berries might get old to you, but they don’t get old to me. So I am going to show another.


On the side, I had a bit of chopped apple and pineapple with hulled hemp seed and cardamom.


Another pang of hunger hit as I walked out the door at 1:30, so I filled a baggie with more fruit to accompany me on my walk to the subway.


As soon as I stepped on the train, I spotted Kate. How convenient! We were both heading down to Marine Park to hang out with Gina. Kate lives three stops before me, and we luckily ended up on the same train and the same car for the journey! Thirty minutes or so later, we reached our destination and got collected by Gina … who inquired whether we might be up for some Mister Softee!! You should know that I consider Mister Softee my husband. I once had him make an office call when I had a serious craving at my old job. I actually called Mister Softee HQ and spoke to a man there who understood my urgent need and connected me to the dispatcher who very kindly connected me to the Mister Softee driver himself. From there, Mister Softee and I continued making arrangements directly until he had pulled up safely right outside the building. He even stood up to Bed-Stuy policeman wrath for pulling over in a no standing zone, shouting Just let the girl get her ice cream!

Anyway, after all that, the truck Gina had seen was a generic impostor.


Regardless, we all had ice cream on the brain by that point and forged ahead with the plan. I got a vanilla cone with chocolate dip and rainbow jimmies.


From there, we walked back to Gina’s house to hang out for a bit until her husband arrived with the car, a key component of our afternoon plans. While waiting, we nibbled on some carrot cake leftovers.


There’s a story behind this carrot cake. In fact, Gina and I have had an email chain going back and forth between us for weeks with the subject line, “Carrot cake!” The chain includes such gems as, “Sarah, I have carrot cake, but I’ll be out of town this weekend! Should I bring it to work so you can swing by my office and get it?” and “Gina, can you put a slice in the freezer for me until we find a time for me to collect?” and “How about you come over this weekend for a trip to the beach so that you can pick it up?” We’re serious about our carrot cake. This cake is even more special because Gina’s mother-in-law, Pat Shannon, is reputed to make the best carrot cake this side of the universe. The fates have been conspiring against me for ages because I have been out of town for every single party the carrot cake has graced since Gina and her husband got together five years ago. Finally, Gina scored some cake for me at a party couple weeks back, providing inspiration for all this fervent carrot cake plotting. My frozen slice is safely stashed in my freezer now, but the picture above is from the leftovers Gina still had in her fridge. It only took the three of us about 30 seconds to polish it off completely.

I also discovered a cup of leftover Easter chocolate on Gina’s desk.


I had a field day with these dark chocolate Nestle crunch eggs with caramel. I didn’t even know these existed, but they were amazing! Salty sweet is always the way to go.

Chris arrived back with the car shortly after the chocolate discovery, and the three of us girls were off to the waves!


It was late in the afternoon and not quite warm enough for actual bikini sunbathing, but we passed a very pleasant two hours chatting and napping on the sand at the water’s edge.


Today included the ideal sequence of events. Every Saturday should involve hot yoga, Mister Softee (or impostor in a pinch), and beachy naps. Perhaps that should be my goal for the summer.

What are your summer goals?

19 thoughts on “Hot to cold

  1. Olivia says:

    I thought the “SLUSH” sign on the faux Mr Softee said “SUSHI” which had me super excited. And then I thought, “would you really eat sushi off one of those trucks?” Yes, yes I would. Are we still friends??


  2. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    Oh what a wonderful day!!! I wish we had Mr. Softee trucks here… i miss them so! We had one in college and it was amazing!
    Summer goal: continue making mindful food choices that will hopefully end up in me losing some weight. Oh, and have fun šŸ™‚


  3. The Novice Berker says:

    OMG. So much GOOD FOOD in this post!! Chocolate dipped, sprinkle-laden ice cream cone?! YES PLEASE. Renowned carrot cake?! SIGN ME UP.

    Good job trying out hot yoga! I don’t think I could last twenty minutes; I hydrate myself so poorly. šŸ˜¦


  4. Susan says:

    Hot yoga followed by cold ice cream sounds delightful!! I can see how that’s a summer goal of yours. Mine is to read as many books as possible. Preferably on my balcony šŸ™‚


  5. coco says:

    your day really sounds a perfect summer day, hot yoga, meeting friends, ice cream and beach nap? woooooo….. I wish I can do the same!
    summer goals?? I dunno…. since I’ll be working most the summer and when I finish work I’ll go to a winter country Argentina! šŸ™‚
    but maybe I could do a home-nap every weekend?! šŸ˜€


  6. Anne K. says:

    That yoga class looks fun! I really need to get into yoga. I LOVE that ice cream cone– rainbow sprinkles are my fave! The beach looks so pretty, too.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  7. Gina says:

    Mr. Softee, I want one!!!! Everything looks amazing. I’m a sweet-aholic and now I have some serious cravings. The carrot cake looks so moist and delicious, mmm and the berries looks so fresh! I love summer šŸ™‚


  8. Alison says:

    That class sounds like fun. The only yoga studio near me doesn’t offer classes at times I can attend them. Perhaps I’ll look into places closer to work. I really want to try hot yoga.


  9. verbalriot says:

    I hate Mr. Softee impostors! I live across a playground, so their music exposes them right away.

    And Marine Park, my stomping grounds! šŸ™‚


  10. Vani says:

    ack it posted too early by accident!
    My summer goals are to go to that yoga class once a week! Annnd to enjoy some of the free NYC summer festivities (especially concerts in the park).


  11. Krista says:

    What a great day! Napping on the beach just sounds so relaxing to me.

    I have some leftover rice in the fridge that I am now considering for breakfast one day this week! That’s for the idea…:)


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