Why choose?

Once again, last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast were twins 😛


The process for this rainbow of delight unfolded as follows. I cooked 2 tbsp oat bran and 2 tbsp ground flax with 1/2 cup of water and then immersion-blended in a huge bunch of spinach (stems and all), nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, and 2 tbsp lucuma powder. After the blend, I added a heaping tbsp goji berries (fyi, I’ve been using the goji berries (and chia seeds and lucuma powder) from Navitas Naturals. I actually don’t really like goji berries on their own, but I’m finding these delightful as oatmeal and yogurt enhancements!), 1/4 cup chia seeds, a big grated chunk of fresh coconut, and 1 cup water. All of that sat in the fridge for a couple hours to let the chia seeds work their absorption magic. I used half of the finished pudding in my dinner last night.


For the “filling” of my oats, I mixed together the “fruit on the bottom” from a Stoneyfield chocolate underground yogurt and a Ronnybrook Farms creamline coconut yogurt (the actual yogurt parts went toward the week’s batch of homemade yogurt … which I had to make with 1% milk because the store was out of skim!) with 1/4 cup fat free ricotta.


IMG_0987.JPGThe whole thing got decorated with mango (I ate the peel of the mango for the first time ever while I was chopping this one. It wasn’t bad!), apple, strawberries, and Artisana goji bliss. My first bite of the goji bliss tasted so familiar — I was surprised because I’ve obviously never tried goji bliss before. I was thrilled when I realized it tasted just like the cacao bliss! I’m so excited that my “bliss” has been extended a couple more days.


Side note: This was the best oatmeal (I’m using “oatmeal” loosely here because there were barely any oats in this!) ever. Healthy, lip-lickingly delicious, and cheerfully colored! I might even choose it over cake in a standoff.

But … why choose when you can have both?


Dessert was a piece of Pat Shannon’s famous carrot cake with an Oh! Nuts dark chocolate-covered strawberry.


Oooooh, the cream cheese icing. Gets me every time!


I was up and at ’em with my 5:00 alarm this morning and took off for legs and 30 minutes of cardio at the gym. Breakfast was the other half of my spinach pudding. I wish I had made more than two servings!


The only difference between last night and this morning was the yogurt component: today’s yogurt was fresh out of the oven 🙂


I can feel your halo (halo) halo …


OK, time for some quality time with the subway. Happy Monday!

Oats, cake, or both?

24 thoughts on “Why choose?

  1. Anne K. says:

    Wow, that breakfast (and dinner!) looks soo good! I love how it’s rainbow colored 😀 You’re so creative!

    Ooh cream cheese icing definitely makes any cake! Yum.

    Oats or cake? Both, of course 😀

    Have a good Monday 🙂


  2. janetha says:

    stop it with your desserty food porn sarah! it is killing me this morning! and both is always the right answer 🙂 that spinach pudding is really appealing to the eye! so colorful. have a great day!


  3. The Novice Berker says:

    Hahaha, definitely both–though I’d say I lean strongly towards “cake”, since it’s carrot cake (and I could eat mind-boggling amounts of carrot cake and still enjoy it). 😛 Your oats are so amazingly colorful!! And no shame in dinner/breakfast twins. 😉


  4. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:


    Ok so if Nino is an olympic pizza tosser then I shall be an olympic commenter because I can never seem to comment in real time.

    1. There have been a few “incidents” between me and Newman’s chocolate-O’s this weekend to the extent that I think I’m too embarrassed to include them on the blog, BUT they are oh so delicious and I had the exact same thought to myself last night that they pop apart so perfectly (I just pinch it on one side!) so that I get twice the dunking time between the two halves! And the cream side must always be dunked following the naked side. It’s the order of the universe.
    2. Ooooh Nino, he can toss my pizza any time. …That came out way dirtier than I intended.
    3. The above pictures contain the prettiest array of oats n stuff ever! It’s like a breakfast sno-cone!

    That’s enough out of me for now.


  5. ellie says:

    BOTH! Always both- cake is awesome, oats are awesome…can’t go wrong when you combine the two. Love how colorful your meals are- eating rainbows is the best way to brighten a day!


  6. luckytastebuds says:

    oh lordy…you should wear the crown of oats. hahah definitely the king AND queen of oatmeal, even though it’s mostly non-oats, HEY if it looks like oatmeal, then it is. hehehehe

    ohhh I would totally pick oatmeal for sure. 😛


  7. Gina says:

    Wow, carrot cake is my weakness, you’ve made me crave it now!! People must be craving it lately because I’ve read about 3 blogs lately with carrot cake!! So I have to say, I’d choose the cake! HAve a good one 🙂 So


  8. homegirlcaneat says:

    You CAN have yo cake AND eat it too! I love carrot cake. In that form and your little bowl carrot cake thangs. Cream cheese icing makes my heart singgggg!


  9. Mariposa says:

    i would so have my cake and eat my oats too.

    i love making breakfast at dinner time.. or eating what you ate for dinner.. for breakfast..

    also in true sarah style, i took my leftover raisin bread i had to sample and made french toast. not the most creative thing i’ve done, but it was delish! im still waiting on getting some extra food money to buy some cake mix so i can french toast it- i really seriously keep thinking about it. its my leftover preggers mind!!


  10. Goldie says:

    if I had to choose it would be oats as long as I could put into it whatever I wanted. I’m going to have some when I get home from work… droooooooool. We call it porrdige though!

    as for cake… I love cake… it comes a close second.

    I had both on Sunday! YUMMO!


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