Ahhhhh, I feel so manic these days! My June class (child welfare policy) is great, but it just goes so long and so late. I’m not a fan of class until 9:30 at night when there’s still loads of commuting to do on top of that! Blaaaaaaaaaaah. Anyway, you’ve seen all of yesterday’s food before, but it was pretty, so I feel the need to share!

Mishmoshy post-gym breakfast:


Part one was my leftovers twist on an egg sandwich. One of Jessica’s omelets from last Friday took on the role of “bread,” and the filling consisted of arugula, the end of my TJ’s peach salsa, and steamed kale stems and broccoli.


Still had to eat it with a fork, though! Part two was a rainbow of yogurt/ricotta/cereal/fruit salad/hemp mess:


I can never get enough yogurt-soggy golean crunch. It tastes like the richest cheesecake ever, especially when there’s some ricotta in the mix.

Yesterday morning’s snack was 1/2 a sliced cucumber:


And lunch was, for the last time, Rosey’s mom’s spaghetti, my mom’s chicken caciatore, arugula, and massaged kale salad. I also threw some of Myrna’s sunkist roasted almonds on top for fun:


And Mildred gave me the onions and tomatoes from her salad:


I love my group-effort lunches 😀

I also had some involvement with several handfuls of almonds straight from the bag.


And a number of run-ins with Belkis’ candy jar, which included a return to the infamous “paint tongue pop,” among others.


There was more lunch dessert later, again in the form of yogurt/ricotta/fruit/hemp:


When I have yogurt, ricotta, and fruit present in my fridge at the same time, eating them all together is all I can think about!

After my standard pre-class deli samples of manchego cheese and chocolate chip cookie, dinner involved a return of the random kale/arugula/strawberry/peach salsa/Jessica’s omelet salad … with more almonds (and some unsweetened coconut for fun):


Along with, for the third time yesterday (!), yogurt/ricotta/fruit/cereal/hemp:


And cherries!


I got home from class around 10:30 and spent the next hour getting ready for today (including some significant nibbling as I packed lunch), yet I still feel so rushed this morning. I’ve really enjoyed work this week, but I’m so ready to have a little break this weekend … starting with some super fun eating plans later this evening, mmmmmmmmm, can’t wait!

What are YOU planning to eat this weekend?

17 thoughts on “Repeats

  1. Yasmin says:

    I am not a fan of classes that late either. Hopefully, your professor isn’t boring though b/c if they can keep you entertained and engaged it is less painful. Love the yogurt mess though!


  2. Gina says:

    Yum, a post full of some GOOOOD EATS! I too took a public policy class this quarter, but it focused on elderly (social security, medicare, medicaid etc.) It went from 4:30 to 7:30, UGH!

    This weekend I plan to eat very unhealthy. I am going to a wedding up north and there is a restaurant that serves fried bologna and I just KNOW Nick and his family will make me eat one…. 🙂 Also, wedding cake! My favorite.


  3. Amelia says:

    The egg sandwich looks so yummy! I love all your food combos.

    I’m heading over to the Big Apple BBQ in Madison Sq. Park! Hopefully it doesn’t pour. 🙂


  4. brandi says:

    i would take all your food, except the cucumbers 🙂

    don’t tell anyone…but we’re making something that involves bacon + waffles this weekend. shhh… 🙂


  5. Anne K. says:

    Ugh that late night class sounds awful! But your breakfast looks delicious, and so does that salad.

    I’m planning to try baking some corn on the cob, and also try my first kabocha! I’m excited 😀

    I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend! Try to de-stress 🙂


  6. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    I feel your late night class pain! That’s too bad you get home so late-boo!

    All of your food looks so good!! Especially breakfast and dinner! You are so creative with your food combos 🙂

    I hope you have an excellent weekend!!
    I want to relax and sleep in! I definitely want to catch the basketball game tomorrow evening. I may go see a movie and catch up with some friends…I really need to start going through my things and purge before I move…such a daunting task 🙂

    Have a great day!


  7. ellie says:

    your fruit/veg/omelette salad sounds amazing!

    I don’t think I could stay awake until 9:30 for a class to finish, never mind then commute home!

    I have a tub of hummus calling my name so that is on the menu and likely lots of yogurt which I bought without checking the date and need to use ASAP!


  8. verbalriot says:

    I can’t wait for tonight either 🙂

    I’m probly going to eat one of my mom’s delish omlettes this weekend because I finally get to see her! Our schedules this summer our so whack!


  9. janetha says:

    using an omelet for bread, that is so clever. and low in carbs! haha i love the name of that sucker. this weekend i am going to a fabulous little diner in the mountains for a girl’s birthday brunch!


  10. Hallie says:

    I’m going to my brother’s college graduation this weekend, and after the ceremony a few of his friends are having a little get-together for all the kids and families. I’m expecting “catering by Costco” but we are talking about 22-year olds (and my brother doesn’t exactly hang out with the most responsible crew), so I wouldn’t be shocked by pizza and a keg, either. I’m just hoping there is cake 🙂


  11. luckytastebuds says:

    omg i looove when usually-dry cereal gets soggy inside yogurt too!!! I often eat half a container with granola, and then leave half to fill the cereal and almond milk so everything becomes a giant mess. OMG SO GOOD. 😀 May I ask though, what kind of yogurt do you use?? I’m trying to get off the stuff with HFCS but plain yogurt can be rather flavorless and not really sweet. Do you have tips for me by any chance??

    Thank you Sarah!!
    ❤ Michelle


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