Guest Post: Cupcake Correspondent Kate

Please give a warm welcome to my buddy, Kate, who also happens to be an expert in portable desserts! Read on to find out more …

Will Stop for Cupcakes!

I was walking to work on Friday, and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this:


I texted Gina and Sarah with my sighting immediately! It was funny because last weekend (while eating “Imposter Mister Softee“), we were talking about all of these trucks that we have been finding around the city. There’s the Dessert Truck, the waffles truck, the Kustard King in Brooklyn Heights, the Treats Truck, and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Only in New York …

I said that I wanted to start a cupcake car, but now I’ll need to find a new market before quitting my day job because the cupcake position has already been filled!


The Cupcake Stop‘s Twitter feed told me they were parked in my work neighborhood until 5. I also discovered the Cupcake Truck in my Google search. Anyone want to take a field trip to New Haven, CT for their sweet potato pecan cupcakes!?!?


I decided that this would be a nice mid-afternoon snack to celebrate the end of the work week! As I stood behind an excited couple ordering a nice assortment, some woman (who must have been living under a rock) asked me what a red velvet cupcake was. I explained everything down to the creamcheese frosting and told her she had to try one!


It made my day when I saw that they offered miniature cupcakes for $1 each (regular size were $2.25). I love trying everything, so these were the perfect size for satisfaction minus the “over-expansion.” I opted for the red velvet and the oreo crumb minis.


I took them over to the “lounge-in-the-street area” around the corner. If you ask me, Times Square isn’t meant for lounging or frequenting, but I kind of like this seating area because it’s a bit quieter and good for watching tourists attempt to take pics of the Flatiron Building from across the street. Plus, I had a beautiful view of the Empire State Building.


Okay, back to the cupcakes. The red velvet was delicious. I think I may consider paying the extra $1.25 for a regular sized one next time!

Then, it was time for the oreo crumb.


It was good, but I wasn’t crazy about this one. The icing was too sweet for my liking, and I was disappointed that I didn’t get a mini oreo cookie on top because I had seen them on the photos on their website!

All in all, it was worth the trip out of the office! And I forgot to mention, these are baked fresh daily, and they give their leftovers to City Harvest. If Sarah were to try it, it would be a Tales of Expansion-Approved truck.

OK, Sarah again here, and I approve, I approve!! Thanks for your reconn, Kate! [And I’m actually pretty sure City Harvest has brought some of these cupcakes to the agency where I work!] I will be on the lookout for more reports of food-on-the-move from you 😀

As always, if any of you have a Tale of Expansion to share, I accept submissions at

What is your favorite food from a truck?

12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Cupcake Correspondent Kate

  1. brandi says:

    I want that sweet potato one!!! that is awesome. WE don’t have anything like this – oh the life in a small town 😦

    I’d say my favorite food from a truck was this awesome, authentic Bahamian food we got off the back of a truck in Nassau on a cruise. We wanted REAL, LOCAL food so we asked some construction workers where they ate and they pointed out this truck in a parking lot. Everything was amazing, homemade and so cheap! It was awesome.


  2. Ashley says:

    What cute cupcakes! I wish we had more food trucks travelling around… all I ever see is a Mr Whippy here and there! But a cupcake truck would be amazing… or a chocolate truck! Yeah, one of those please 🙂


  3. Dori says:

    My boyfriend never heard of red velvet either! He got one for me for my birthday and when he brought it out I said “Oh red velvet!” and he was like “You heard of that?? I thought the store made that name up. Is it, like, a known thing?”

    Hahaha! I want to go to that truck! $1 mini cupcakes are my dream in life. There is a belgium waffle truck near me but I never bought a waffle there. I should, it smells AMAZING!


  4. Gina says:

    I CAN’T believe that you found a cupcake truck!! IT’s almost like a joke, i mean, I don’t know what I would do if I ever saw a cupcake ruck in the streets of Columbus! Basically, I am super jealous, and I want to try one of each, right now.

    My favorite food from a truck? I guess it has to be ice cream. When I was a kid I would always get this large blue popsicle/creamsicle, with a gumball on top, yum.


  5. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    haha great post! I adore the NYC photos!
    What an AWESOME price for cupcakes! I am all for mini versions so I can get couple in 😉

    I don’t think I have a favorite truck because I haven’t really seen many besides ice cream ones….I love the variety in New York haha


  6. sue says:

    i noticed all the food (especially dessert) trucks in new york too! you guys are so lucky!!! my favorite would have to be taco trucks in LA. so good!


  7. Gina Boland says:

    AHHH! I did get Kate’s text Friday, but I’ve been MIA and not reading Sarah’s blog since I was in PA since Fri. night! So glad I caught up and read this review so I can come meet Kate for cupcakes soon!!! I’m only a few blocks away!


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