Friday part 1: The office

I’m breaking Friday up into pieces because so many exciting things happened in the world of my food, and I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking about it!

After my last breakfast crepe yesterday morning, I had to be ridiculously on time for work because I was scheduled for a child abuse training from 9-1 (no, that is not the exciting part). In the training, I snacked on a package of Peeled dried bananas, yummmmm:


After the meeting, I saw that Nydia had released her Edible Arrangements package from Thursday to the conference room table. Most of it was gone by that time, but I helped myself to the kale garnish and two skewers:


I ate the skewers then, but the kale came home with me for later use 🙂

Lunch was the last of Olivia‘s soup and ecstasyontoast crostini, along with some Edward & Sons rice toasts (I ate like 10 more than pictured) and an apple:


Thanks to Belkis and Mildred, I was able to supplement my soup with veggies and rice and beans:


Afternoon snackage included more (and more and more) candy from Belkis’ candy jar and two more ginger almondine cookies from Lillian:


And my strawberry-chia-flax-hemp yogurt:


This will happen again, assuming I get more strawberries in this week’s CSA!

And, because it’s my office, there was cake(!!!) in honor of one of the parent group graduations:


I didn’t actually go to the graduation since it wasn’t part of my department, but Jose went — he’s part of everyone’s department because he does IT — and shared because he is so so so so so generous. Here he is slicing off a piece for Belkis:


And here’s my piece!


It was a very custardy tres leches, mmmmmmmmmmm, LOVE custard.

From there, I was off to more events, but I’ll have to save those stories for later!

What is your favorite layer cake filling (i.e. custard, jam, frosting, tomato sauce (just trying to think outside the box…))?

14 thoughts on “Friday part 1: The office

  1. Madison says:

    Girllll, NO you did not just show me that beautiful cake and ask me what is my favorite! I love that! haha. That Tres Leches cake looks very good, and very moist. Yum.

    Such a hard question about favorite layer cake filling–I am going to have to say I love just about all layer cakes but my favorite cakes (homemade of course) are

    1) Coconut cake–which is vanilla cake with coconut fluffy filling and frosting

    2) Carrot cake–which has the beautiful cream cheese filling and frosting

    3) AND last but not last, vanilla cake with chocolate fudge frosting. I have been known to eat spoonfuls upon spoonfuls upon bowlfuls of that frosting. YUM!


  2. Ashley says:

    Oooh, I’m loving the strawberry-chia-flax-hemp yogurt. That looks fantabulous. I’ve always wondered whether its ‘ok’ to put chia and flax together? But now I know I can!

    That cake is sooooo amazing looking. I love any creamy filling. Cream and jam are my favourite. Yuum.


  3. Anne K. says:

    Yum, that cake looks delicious! I looove the icing, and the custard looks great. I don’t like too much filling, but little custardy swirls sound yummy! I’d love frosting, too– you can put as much frosting in the middle as you’d like, and I’ll be happy! Especially cream cheese frosting. Mmmm


  4. Michelle says:

    Wow, your office has more food than I’ve ever seen! One of the best cakes I ever had was chocolate with raspberry filling. Delicious! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


  5. insideiamdancing says:

    The best cake I have ever had was filled with a filling that tasted like nutella but had the consistency of fudge. So good- the cake was about 10 layers high of paper thin crepe-like layers, with the ganache (?) in between. DIVINE! Though cream cheese frosting is pretty amazing!


  6. Gina says:

    I like the cream cheese icing filling (like carrot cakes) OR fruity fillings (as long as it’s not fake fruit…). Your cake looks great, almost like a whipped icing? Hmm…you said it’s like custard.. I like that too!


  7. Kate says:

    So glad you were able to salvage the kale (twice!)

    My mom makes this delicious caramel frosting that she puts on chocolate cake. Ahhh…hopefully, she’ll make it when I go home in a couple of weeks!


  8. Hallie says:

    I’m not that picky…I’ll take any cake filling that is offered to me, thanks 🙂 (well, maybe not tomato soup…but pretty much anything else!)

    Tres leches cake is one of the best inventions EVER.


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