Eeek, what’s for dinner?

Quite frequently, I end up eating enough at my office to remove the need for dinner (and then some!) when I get home at night. Earlier this week, though, I had the unusual experience of getting to eat my own Sarah-made dinners two nights in a row!

Img 1740

While I love to make dinner for myself, I’ve stopped planning for it because I got tired of feeling the pressure to use my food before it went bad even though I wasn’t hungry. Therefore, when I found myself with a dinner-sized hole in my belly on Monday night, I had to think fast since the only thing at-the-ready in my fridge was the same salad I’d had for lunch. Then, I remembered the eggs!!! I had a half dozen farm-fresh eggs in my fridge from the CSA, so I decided breakfast-for-dinner was in order.

I toasted half of an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin that my roommate Tara (I mean ex-roommate — I keep forgetting!) left behind and gave it a healthy smear of my three-leaf pesto before topping it with the poached egg, a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper, and a dusting of homemade parmesan:


I didn’t quite poach the egg long enough for it to reach my standard of firmness, but the slightly running yolk didn’t bother me out as much as it usually would since I knew the egg was fresh and handled humanely. (What one has to do with the other, I’m not sure, but the reasoning works for me!)


Monday’s second dinner course was 1/3 of a freshly-baked sweet potato stuffed with a scoop of homemade coconut-banana ice cream and garnished with an Oh!Nuts dark chocolate-covered strawberry, a homegrown basil leaf, and a sprinkle of nutmeg:


Seriously, healthy tastes so good!! I wish I had tummy-space to do this every night. (That should be something within my control … but tell that to my eyes and my mouth when cake materializes in front of me every afternoon without fail!)


One more for good measure:


I got to eat my own dinner again on Tuesday night. I realized Tuesday morning that I was short a meal and hadn’t packed anything to get me through my late evening class, so I scrambled around to throw something together and ended up with another amazing combo. I pressed the remaining 2/3 baked sweet potato against the outer edges of a tupperware container and then filled the hole with a mix of plain yogurt, chia seeds, and cinnamon. I topped the whole thing with a spoonful of peanuts:


Oooh, this was so good! Especially after sitting all day and thickening as the chia seeds did their job. This meal was definitely a candidate for repetition!

How do you stuff your potatoes?

17 thoughts on “Eeek, what’s for dinner?

  1. insideiamdancing says:

    the sweet potato sounds great! how do you poach your eggs?

    My favourite baked potato fillings are baked beans (British baked beans which different from what you get in the US) and shredded cheese, or Coronation chicken (curried chicken salad with dried apricots and raisins). Sweet potatoes I like with just butter- need to try the nut butter combination!

    Enjoy your Friday!


  2. brandi says:

    oh, and stuffed potatoes?

    in plain ones – I like salsa, broc/cheese, chili, leftover soup/casseroles, etc.

    sweet potatoes – i had one topped with a burger a few weeks ago and that was really good. but I love sweet stuff, too. anything with cinnamon + sweet potato is a winner.


  3. Elisabeth says:

    I rather prefer my potatoes wedged and baked. =) I’ve been eating sweet potato wedges like it’s my job. I wish that was my job.

    Your poached egg is making me crave eggs now. Yum!


  4. homegirlcaneat says:

    Okay, the sweet potato and banana ice cream sounds intense and incredible and nutrient-filled and I WAAAANT!

    Poached eggs is my favorite way to eat them! Besides an omelette of course. But I love a liquidy yolk with hollandaise poured allll ova it 🙂 woopwoop!


  5. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    How fun that you’ve had enough of a change of pace to be able to cook a little! Your creations are always thought-provoking. As for my thoughts on sweet potato, in particular, I think that I have it in my head as a savory food, despite its natural sweetness. I like it best just baked, cracked open with S+P, or some roasted veggies/cottage cheese as filling. Definitely get your hands on a Japanese sweet potato if you can find them – they have a fantastic and slightly different taste, usually purple outside, white inside – if you haven’t yet sampled them I highly recommend. 🙂


  6. verbalriot says:

    Breakfast for dinner should be institutionalized in our laws. People just don’t give it enough justice!

    I love black beans, caramelized onions and well…sour cream on potatoes! Blame my heritage.


  7. mayapamela says:

    Recently I was really feeling kind of Thanksgiving-y, so I topped a baked sweet potato with ginger cranberry sauce and fage. It was delicious! But really, sweet potatoes in any form work for me!


  8. janetha says:

    that is like the ultimately perfect egg right there! i usually don’t do much potato stuffing, but i do like cottage cheese on top of potatoes with lots of fresh black pepper. have a great friday!


  9. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    I love how you take a few ingredients and make such awesome creations. 🙂 I love eating breakfast for dinner and I find myself doing it more and more frequently- eat what I crave I say! 😉

    I generally chop my (sweet) potatoes into fries and bake them and dip them in ketchp- yum!


  10. Gina says:

    So, you put ice cream in your sweet potatoes?? I love that!! Of course that’s another amazing creation I never would have thought of myself, but I am sure it tastes wonderful.

    I really like my potatoes with chili and cheese. I rarely eat baked potatoes, but when I do they are normally from Wendy’s. Wendy’s has great baked poatoes and small chilis (healthy chili too, it’s nice). I buy them both at 1 dollar each and it’s a perfect dinner!

    As for sweet potatoes, I usually just eat them with butter and maybe some brown sugar. Or I make them into fries or chips. I thought that was cool, but your idea is much much cooler 🙂


  11. katecooks says:

    i think that might be the most creative stuffing ive ever seen! sweet potatoes are so versatile! i wish i had something good to share but i just usually go the slice and bake route 🙂


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