Green eggs and ice cream

… sort of.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to get into the week’s breakfasts. Poaching came back for an encore, and it joined a new friend: homemade green tea ice cream!

Img 2557-1

When I was at Pinkberry last weekend, I was so sad that they were no longer offering green tea frozen yogurt. I asked for green tea powder sprinkled on the top of my original, but it wasn’t the same. I stopped into a gourmet tea shop later that day and saw the teeniest jar of green tea powder on sale for $20. Ummmmmmmmm, no.

Enter Mr. Coffee. I dumped the contents of a handful of green teabags into my nut coffee bean grinder:


And then whirred and whirred and whirred until I got what I wanted:


My very own green tea powder!

I mixed it in with yogurt and a dab of honey (it was a little bitter straight):


And I did my freeze-for-20-stir-for-20-repeat method to froyo it. It began as a dessert with half of an UliMana brownie from Elisabeth and a sprig of homegrown basil:


With the famed urban garden in the background:


And it later made its way to breakfast (honey-free this time and hidden!) alongside a poached egg eaten over maple-date oatmeal with SOTBPPBDCS butter:


(With cherries and CSA blueberries of course)


I loooove how the SOTBPPBDCS butter melts, mmmmmmmmmmm.


Another morning, I had the green tea froyo with blueberries …


… accompanied by a coriander-sprinkled poached egg over the last 1/2 Arnold’s sandwich thin with more SOTB butter (and cherries!) …


Yay for bright yellow farm-fresh yolks!


Another’s morning’s worth:




I had to take that one to go because I was running late:


And one last day of it!



At first, I didn’t think the powder tasted much like green-tea-flavored foods, but it has really grown on me!!!! I love it love it love it and want to eat it every morning 😀

What do you like to do with tea (aside from drink it)?

P.S. I love it when my husband (Mister Softee) puts his foot down 😛

17 thoughts on “Green eggs and ice cream

  1. prettyladycmu says:

    I love making a big pot of Tazo Zen tea and putting it in the fridge with some fresh lemon or lime juice. Pour over ice and it’s the perfect summer refreshment. I love the lemongrass and mint in it!


  2. verbalriot says:

    OMG green tea ice cream is my FAVE. There’s this amazing sushi place by my house, and no matter how stuffed I am, I’ll always get it for dessert 🙂 so good

    I’ve once made oatmeal in chai tea, which was awesome! Reminds me that I should do it again.

    happy weekend 🙂


  3. Gina Boland says:

    Haha, I love that Mister Softee is taking on those imposters. I do think the original is best! And your overdone poached eggs crack me up. Kate and I were talking about those last night on our way to the Brooklyn Bridge Park movie!


  4. Gina says:

    That’s awesome! I love making ice cream and I’d never considered tea flavored ice cream. I’m really not a huge tea drinker, if anything, I like iced tea. I wish I loved tea, since it’s so good for you, but I just don’t crave it like a cup of coffee!


  5. Erin says:

    Look at that beautiful egg yolk! Do you have a secret for poaching eggs?

    How genius to make your own green tea ice cream! I only drink tea when I’m sick. 😦


  6. coco says:

    omgggggggg………….. you really should open a breakfast cafe or something like that…. I’d definitely come to try all your fabulous creations!!!
    Homemade Green tea powder? woooooo…… they’re so expensive. Does your homemade one taste like what you buy in store?
    Other way to have tea without drinking it is to make boiled egg with tea and soy sauce. That’s a classic in chinese cuisine! 😉


  7. burpexcuzme says:

    I love making green tea oats with matcha! If you go to Asian supermarkets, they sell matcha pretty cheaply…I got a big packet for about $7!
    And NO MORE GREEN TEA FRO YO?!!! Oh my God, that makes me SO sad, because I haven’t yet been able to try it and was really looking forward to it when I visit NYC next week! T___T;;;


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