A (frozen) night in the ‘hood

Saturday night, I rounded up the troops for a rare night out in Brooklyn and convinced Wife, Ted, and Kate to try brook-vin, a newish wine bar just blocks away from my apartment.


I love everything about how this place looks. I always walk by brook-vin after work/class and wish I had time to go bask in the warm lighting and exposed brick walls and lush garden instead of going home and to bed. It seems cozy and charming inside, so I’ve been dying to try it even though I don’t even drink wine!

Wife and I had a little photo shoot:


And then we all moved out to the garden to take advantage of the unseasonably cool and comfortable weather.


Wife and Ted engaged in intense philosophical discussion (I’m not even being sarcastic here) regarding drink selection:


And I enjoyed the scenery some more because I like to keep things superficial and non-taxing on the weekends!


Wife and Ted ordered wine, Kate ordered the raspberry ginger lemonade (house infused raspberry vodka with house infused ginger lemonade), and I ordered the Spanish 75 (house infused strawberry gin, lemon juice, framboises topped with Cava):


My drink was lovely — very fizzy and refreshing without any sort of sickening sweetness.


And I felt the burn immediately from it, too. I stood up to go to the bathroom and had to pause for a moment to get my bearings. That did not used to happen to me after only three sips. I’m such an old lady!

For dinner, Kate and I shared the shaved vegetable salad with peas, mint, and reggiano:


I loved the paper-thin slices of veggies, especially the beets (not to mention the big mountain of reggiano on top).


Kate and I also split the tartine with Salvatore Brooklyn ricotta, roasted cherry tomatoes, aged balsamic, and basil (though I think it was actually cilantro):


Wife and Ted shared the tartine with white beans, fennel salad, piquillo peppers, and smoked paprika oil:


Along with the panzanella salad (local tomatoes, bread, capers, oil):


Wife and Ted were actually a bit underwhelmed by their selections and agreed that Kate and I had picked the winners of the evening. I loved what we ordered. It made me want to go back to brook-vin every night!

We enjoyed chatting for a couple hours as the sun set and all the pretty lights came on:


After dinner, Kate headed home, but Wife, Ted, and I took a little stroll farther down the street for some yogo monster:

Img 2809

I ordered a small tart original with kiwi, chocolate chips, and coconut. Ted treated, awwwww. What perfect house guests!

Img 2811

That makes, what, the 17th frozen yogurt I’ve eaten in the past week?? I ended up sharing half with Wife and Ted because they had only split a small between the two of them.

Other snacks of the weekend, courtesy of my guests, included a piece of this fruit leather (along with unpictured tapioca ball tea in Hanco’s):

wife fruit

And rice crackers with light sheep’s milk feta:


I also received this special delivery (another expandable bag, yayyyyyy!!! as you’ve seen, I use these allll the time) from Leslie at Jackson’s World because I won her Envirosax giveaway:


How many times would you eat frozen yogurt/ice cream in one week?

12 thoughts on “A (frozen) night in the ‘hood

  1. Erin says:

    Your drink looks fabulous! I love gin and it’s refreshing quality.
    Looks like a wonderful weekend.
    I’m actually not a huge ice cream person. Well, I wasn’t. But somehow you bloggies have rubbed off on me and there was a week that I ate it like 3 times in a week.


  2. Allison says:

    The drinks you and Kate got made my mouth water! 🙂 YUMMMM!

    I think all the food looks great (at least you and kate got it right!)

    That froyo looks TDF! I’m all for eating kiwi when someone else had done the work of peeling and cutting 🙂


  3. verbalriot says:

    That place looks awesome, I’ve heard good things about that restaurant! I love garden dining, it adds so much to the experience.

    I’d eat ice cream every day! Especially Gena’s banana soft serve!


  4. Gina Boland says:

    I would definitely eat ice cream every day, although I try not to. I partial to Red Mango when it comes to that Frozen Yogurt with toppings, but I only get it occasionally as a special treat. I’d prefer $2 Mister Softee over $6 frozen Yogurt with toppings 🙂


  5. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Thanks for the new resto alert! It looks awesome – and the drinks, wow! On 7th Ave? I could eat ice cream/froyo every day if it wouldn’t eventually show up on the outside, haha. In fact, I think I did eat it every day growing up!


  6. Alison says:

    I could eat a little bit of ice cream every day. Usually I save it for once or twice a week except for rare occasions (like this week when I made blueberry crisp)

    that raspberry ginger lemonade sounds great.


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