A paragon of produce virtue

Ayayay, this week! Where do I ever start?

I woke up on Monday still stuffed to the gills from Sunday’s BBQ and decided I should find a way to stop feeling like I was hit by a train first thing in the morning. I went for a 5:30 am run around the park (probably the best I’ve had since my injury in March!) and then split this kombucha (free from Saturday’s event) with Wife.IMG_2919.JPG

This was my first kombucha, and I was a big fan! Wife liked the flavor so much that she drank it even though it aggravated her burping. My stomach is made of steel, of course, so the kombucha did not affect me in this way. Wife and Ted hit the road later Monday morning, and I hit the subway for my commute to work.

I made some food decisions in accordance with my plan to return to hungry mornings. I experimented with (aka shook up with lots of water) quite a bit of Amazing Grass:


I liked this berry one, but I think I still prefer the straight 100% wheat grass drink I had on Saturday. This one has some random lingering sweetness that I’m not crazy about.


I felt the same way about the chocolate packet I had on Tuesday. I liked the general flavor and even the chalky/sandy texture, but I’m a little confused by the fakish sweet aftertaste.


I also ate lots of fruits and veggies, like green beans from work, grapefruit from Jessica, and anonymous rescued cherries:

Img 2922Img 2933Img 2934

And salads!

Salad + bluefish by Inginia:

Img 2925Img 2929

Fruit salad accompanied by yogurt, peanut butter, and one of the recycled mini-muffins I made last week:



And my own CSA salad which involved loads of mesclun, frisee, cucumber, wasabi peas left behind by Wife and Ted, and the star ingredient: Cole’s applewood smoke petite rainbow trout:




CSA salad topped with thawed and sauteed remainders (including smoked salmon, bean and corn salad, barley, and flounder) from last week’s windfall:


And Deborah’s leftover salad:


Now, lest you think all I do is eat wheatgrass and salad (though, how you could possibly think that, I have no idea), my week was not all about greens greens greens and being a paragon of produce virtue. Belkis did, in fact, refill her candy jar with pillow mints and big bols:


And Deborah gave me a coconut peach jelly:


And Nydia gave me a piece of gooey just-baked red velvet cupcake from the bakery:


Zoom on gooey center:


Oh yeah, that same day, a former client brought the very pregnant Maria two tres leches cakes — one chocolate (!!!!!!) and one regular — in honor of her VERY advanced pregnancy. I came back from spending two+ tense hours at the Medicaid office with a mom to this sight on the conference room table:


And this sight on my desk courtesy of Deborah:


And this sight underneath that sight:




I ate all of those pieces at work and then ended up taking most of the white tres leches home with me at Maria’s request because she knew she could trust that I would keep it from going bad! It’s chilling in my freezer now ๐Ÿ˜€

I ate many other things this week, but I think that report should suffice for now! Each post can only handle so many greens and so many pieces of cake. I will be back pronto with chapter two!

On a scale of 1-17, how would you rate your ability to balance your astronomic produce intake with less celebrated dietary necessities such as cake?

5 thoughts on “A paragon of produce virtue

  1. Gina says:

    I would give myself about a 14 (if 17 is the best). Over vacation however, I was about a 5 (beer, and ice cream were my sins).

    Your cakes look amazing, but to be quite honest, the salads look just as good to me! I love all of your unique foods and creative, gorgeous vegetable and fruit creations! Your blog would make anyone interested in healthy foods (and cake…)!


  2. The Novice Berker says:

    Umm… I’ll say… 2. Hahahaha. My willpower is virtually nonexistent. For example, if either of those tres leches cakes were in front of me (chocolate tres leches?! WANT!), I’d totally dig in. Like, immediately.


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