Saturday was an excellent day for multi-tasking. I woke up at 8:30, got ready for hot yoga, opened my front door, took a step, and WAIT! Why is there an eight-foot drop into the basement stairwell where my front stoop used to be?!

I did not take a picture, but it felt a little like stepping off the edge of this:


Apparently, my landlord had decided to replace my pretty brick stoop with an ugly metal stoop, and I happened to walk out in the perfect moment of transition when there was no stoop to be found. Luckily, Santiago (my building maintenance man) was standing nearby and was able to prevent my fall to certain death (which would have been the most embarrassing moment of all because I was wearing my too-short hot yoga shorts and I would have hated to die in those) by quickly inserting a wooden ramp into the situation so I could get down to street level.

When I managed to leave my apartment while simultaneously not breaking my neck, I knew it would be a productive day. I set off to meet Vani and Erin Gunn for hot yoga. After yoga, Erin drove us back down to Brooklyn to join Kate for some CSA action.


This week, we got beets (!!!), zucchini, yellow squash, patty pan squash, green cucumber, white cucumber, peaches (!!!), blueberries, cherries, kohlrabi, eggs, garlic (!!!), and a teeny bit of mesclun. I made us salads with that mesclun and the leftover salad and kohlrabi bits from the week, and then we took off for Hanco’s for the balls and study time (reading time for Erin Gunn!).


This moment represented multi-tasking success story #2 because I worked on my midterm while Erin distracted me and then convinced me that I needed to join her for celebratory drinks and dinner in honor of her fiance finishing his CFP exam. We started at East End, and Erin continued to be a bad influence by insisting that I drink and then buying me more drinks even when I refused. I had three stoli blueberries with seltzer and one sweet-tea-infused vodka (new discovery alert!) with seltzer:


I also made friends with Lincoln when his nachos arrived.


The photography session led to discussion of the blog which led to explanation of the blog title which led to me demonstrating my expansion abilities (think instant 5-month pregnancy … before I had even eaten a bite!) which led to Erin Gunn coming and intervening before I accidentally ate two nacho platters as an appetizer.



Instead, I was deposited into the middle of a mandatory-jager-shot situation.


I do not like jager at all, so I was sneaky and did not actually drink my shot. We left East End eventually, and Mike was so excited for dinner that he was giving high fives to everyone in sight:



We traveled to Germany for dinner.


In reality, we only traveled to 86th and 2nd, but Heidelberg is pretty darn close to Germany.


(Except for the very Irish Harpoon promotion)


We were seated in a basement that was decorated like an outdoor patio.


And somehow managed to actually be outside … sort of. Here’s the view of the sky directly above my head.


I went to the bathroom and came back to find that “we” had ordered the sausage platter for four, a dream come true. Ummmmmmm …


While we waited for the sausage, I enjoyed many slices of super dense dark rye bread:


The boys (Bobby and Mike) ordered larger-than-life beers:


And Bobby enjoyed QT with his boot:


Erin Gunn and Mike acted cute:


Eventually, the meat arrived:


Along with red cabbage and potato salad:


Potato pancakes:


And spaetzle:


I had a potato pancake topped with applesauce and loved it (I don’t know how this was possible, as I loathe potatoes), a bite of each kind of meat for expansion’s sake, and piles and piles and piles of sauerkraut and red cabbage (wayyyyyy more than pictured):


Bobby finished the boot:


And Matty plugged away on his baby boot.


The highlight was the arrival of Andes mints with our check. (Why is it so blurry? The mint was definitely not moving!)


I left soon after for the painstakingly endless commute home and found my new stoop intact, thank goodness!

Who has a bad-in-a-good-way influence on your life?

17 thoughts on “Unplanned

  1. Allison says:

    LOL – you crack me up! I love blueberry vodka! Makes me happy! 😀

    Um – holy crap! You could have seriously gotten hurt! While I was reading, (and laughing at your hot yoga pants comment) – I was also thinking OHMYGOSH my poor Sarah could have been killed! What if you were yawning or looking at your cell phone or something!?!?!?!?! AHHH (this is why i can never have children – I’m a spaz!)


  2. erin says:

    see, at least it’s in a good way! and i think i successfully pushed your limits without leaving you sick by the end of the night. that’s always a plus. and by the way, it was the CFP that mike took, not the CPA. i understand the confusion.


  3. coco says:

    such a fun saturday! Congrats to Mike!!! and hey Erin!!!~~~ You guys are sooooooo funny together! ~ I wish I could be part of this crazy celebration with so many food!!! 😀


  4. redheadyellowdog says:

    my bf is definitely a bad influence in a good way. He’s always bringing home crazy (read: not so nutritious) food and offering me bites until I can no longer resist. resistance is futile!!

    and i love red cabbage made at german restaurants. especially when mixed with a little mashed taters. mmm…takes me back!


  5. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    HAHA your balls are a little bit mysteriously embryonic looking. Sure it wasn’t fish egg bubble tea? 🙂 You certainly did your German duty this weekend. There was enough meat to fill ANYone’s quota for like, a year! But hey, anything worth doing is worth doing right, or something like that…


  6. Michelle says:

    Haha wow, I’m glad you didn’t fall off the stoop. That definitely sounds like something I would do! Those nachos look awesome, that is one of my huuuuuuge weaknesses!


  7. Olivia says:

    Yay for nachos and you “expanding” your horizons and eating potatoes.Obviously the worst influence in my lilfe is Dava Bara and those 2am dinner parties at the gluttony compound. And Shake Shack, that evil temptress. . .


  8. Gina says:

    Great question. Nick, my bf, sometimes has a bad but good influence on me…as in he LOVE sweets, and he LOVES beer. I love both too, but I try to control myself…

    Have you had Harpoon beer? Thy have a GREAT winter warmer beer, it’s so delicious. Like you, I HATE jager, ugh.


  9. verbalriot says:

    where was I for drinking out of boots? I would be so down 🙂

    ARGH all of my friends are bad but good influence because they drag me out when I’m “tired” and I always have a great time!


  10. Amy @ What Do I Eat Now? says:

    wow!!!!! a sausage platter for four, i hope thats in my dreams tonight.. lol
    that looks like it was a great saturday night!!

    good thing you did not fall and break your neck! maybe they should have put up a sign? barrier? maybe ou should have fallen so you would have a reason to sue like the chick in NYC who is suing for falling in that manhole while texting.. lol


  11. thisismyfirsttime says:

    Sweet Tea infused vodka- always good and always oh so bad! Espcially when mixed with lemonade for a naughty Arnold Palmer!


  12. Lele says:

    Not totally related to this post butttttt I made recycled baked goods (kind of like your muffin muffins, except I made shortcake bread pudding) and it was awesome and you were my inspiration. So thanks!


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