Two days well-spent

According to my camera, some exciting things happened in the world of my food last Thursday and Friday. I couldn’t bring myself to delete such pretty breakfasts and treats without first blogging about them!


I spent Thursday morning on the balcony with overnight yogurt + golean crunch, mango (free from work donation overflow!), peanut butter, and hemp seeds:


I didn’t even need to pack lunch because I had the Dominican chambre (made by Maria and Inginia) saved from Tuesday, and I enhanced it with a baby bell swiss cheese from Jessica and reject avocados from Rosey:


On the side, I had chips and salsa left from the nurses’ lunch on Tuesday and salad left from Rosalie’s lunch:


When I got home from class way too late on Thursday night, I had a super fun fun fun package waiting for me:


Elisabeth at Jogger’s Life sent me the most thoughtful care package ever to help me get through the rest of my grad school summer session.


I am beyond excited to make my own bubble tea with these exciting varieties and to fancy it up with green tea powder and lychee!


Thanks Elisabeth 😀

Friday morning’s breakfast consisted of half a toasted oatmeal-raisin bagel (courtesy of this work training) from the freezer bag topped with a poached CSA egg and more work donation mango:


I really am in love with these CSA eggs, but I can’t seem to eat them fast enough! I’ve got a three-week backlog. I need to pick up the egg pace.


Also in love with the cross-section:


Lunch at work was all stuff you’ve seen before … but the selection of goodies was new and exciting!


Rosey has been talking about a lady from her church who makes the best tres leches cake ever, and she finally brought some in to share with all of us! Rosey was not exaggerating about this cake. Look at how drenched in milk it is!


Siiiiiiiiiigh, this was amaaaaaazing.


Also on Friday, Pansy brought in some of her famous ambrosia along with gooseberries that she seasoned with cloves and nutmeg:


I had the ambrosia x2 and the gooseberries x7?


And there’s more, as usual. When I got back from my afternoon visit, this was waiting on my desk.


Half of the best red velvet cupcake ever from the bakery around the corner, courtesy of Nydia. I split this half with Deborah and considered it a Friday well spent 😀

How do you know when you’ve had a day well-spent?

12 thoughts on “Two days well-spent

  1. Gina says:

    I knew you couldn’t end the blog without some enticing CAKE pictures! Yum, I love red velvet. The tres leches is starting to really entice me too. I’ve never had it, but I’m going to buy one whenever you see it on a menu!
    To me, a day well-spent is a day which starts off with a list of goals, and ends with the goals all crossed off. Nothing beats a productive day, but also one where I haven’t killed myself trying to get things done! A well-spent day must include some relaxation time 🙂


  2. mayapamela says:

    I remember trying tres leches cake once but I don’t really remember the taste or much about it, which I guess means I didn’t have a good one. All your tres leches talk makes me want to try it again!


  3. verbalriot says:

    love your breakfast on the balcony 🙂

    I know I’ve had a good day (or night…) when I’m exhausted and ready to pass out in the evening!


  4. fitforfree says:

    I’ve had a good day when it’s a relief to be in bed at night! I hate getting into bed still feeling all jittery…

    Also when I’ve eaten lots of colorful food!

    (P.S.: Is it okay to eat mango skin?)


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