Winging it

Hehehehehe, who loves puns?!

So, we know that Buffalo shuns veggies and loves cake, but I should also mention that Buffalo boasts quite the happening restaurant scene. What else would you expect from a city that has given its name to an entire culture of chicken wings?

To prepare for our first night on the town, Erin Gunn and I tried out some fancy make-up specifically designed for blue eyes that Siobhan provided … all in the name of wedding testing, of course.


As usual, I look scary and Erin looks elegant.

I decided to pose with Lily instead, but her baby blues knocked mine out of the water, too! Hmph, leave it to the babies to show you up.


For dinner, Erin, Mike, Siobhan, Kevin (Siobhan’s husband), Lily, and I headed out to Pearl Street Brewery, clearly the most hopping place in Buffalo since we had to wait 45 minutes for a table!


(Side note: Lily and I were the only sober ones by the time we left the house, so I was elected designated driver. I hadn’t driven in three years!!!! I felt so honored to have the trust of the Gunns! And I got us there in one piece :-D)

Img 4507

We ate popcorn while waiting for a table:


And some very special guests were able to join us. Emily, one of my former partners-in-Park-Slope-crime, recently moved to Buffalo with her husband, so they met up with us for the Brewery feast.

Img 4525

Also while waiting for a table, Lily made her Irish ancestors proud. Watch this sequence of events carefully:



Yes, you saw it here first: baby dips goldfish in mom’s beer and then devours it. It was a proud moment for all involved 😀

I saw two items on the menu that I had to have:


So I obviously combined them and ordered the chicken fajita salad with some of the stout-marinated portabella mushrooms on top.

Img 4513

It was a brilliant move and worth every last cent of the extra mushroom fee.

Img 4516

Almost as exciting as the stout-marinated mushroom was the potato pancake with cherry-wheat stewed apples, ordered by Emily’s husband’s friend who also joined us:

Img 4512

I am definitely not a fan of beer, but I consistently love everything that has been cooked in it!

Other nibbles included some of Lily’s pasta and homemade potato chips:

Img 4509

As we all know, I hate potatoes, but these chips were delicious. I feel like I’ve been saying that about potato-related products quite a bit lately. Hmmmmm.

And a bite of Erin’s pearl street pizza with pepperoni, sausage, banana peppers, mushrooms, onions, and black olives:

Img 4524

It’s not a combo I would ever order myself, but OMG was it delicious!

While I sipped my water and ate off everyone else’s plates, the rest of the table ordered this crazy beer contraption:


This 100 oz. tower was affectionately called the Widow Maker Tube, but it vanished pretty quickly amidst the likes of this bunch:


Hours of enjoyment:


Needless to say, I drove us all back home at the end of the night 😛

Our other geographically appropriate restaurant venture led us to Anchorbar, the debated “home of the original” Buffalo chicken wings:


The decor inside was wild and sporty as one would expect from the chicken wing capital of the world:


The crew ordered cheesy bread with marinara for the table, and I enjoyed it immensely:


Since we were in a wings joint and all, beer and wings were on the agenda. Not being a big fan of either, I chose the road less traveled and ordered a mug of tea:


(See the nearly empty beer jug #1 in the background?)

And a slice of key lime pie 😛


Granted, I ate some wings just to say I did. We were in Buffalo, after all …


But I mostly hung out in my corner in heaven with my afternoon teatime:


The key lime pie was increeeeeeeedible.

Our last restaurant hurrah in Buffalo took place in this joint when we stopped by to pick up subs for a pre-odyssey meal before we left on Sunday afternoon:


While we waited for our food, I dropped a quarter in the candy machine for this handful of peanut m&ms to share with the table:


We got back to the house and dove into our lunch. I put together a montage of eating action shots, much to the great pleasure of my companions.









Let’s hear it for great sports!

I ordered the chicken fajita wrap, which was significantly smaller than everyone else’s subs, but I was sooooooooo stuffed from eating half of that darn pumpkin cake for breakfast!


It hit the spot. Here’s the inside:


I also had a few bites of Erin’s chicken finger sub which came with buffalo sauce and blue cheese:



And before we left, I convinced Erin that we needed to have some local death by chocolate ice cream (with chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate truffle pieces, and fudge chips!) that I had been eyeing the the freezer all weekend:


Left me speechless.

Around 3pm, we finally left for the 6-hour drive back to NYC. I drove the first leg — two whole hours, whaaaaaaaaat! — through three torrential downpours that limited visibility 100%. I did not even come close to getting us in an accident!!! Maybe I should start a chauffeur service?

The beauteous scenery kept us company for the journey:


As did our leftover wings, which somehow seemed much more appetizing in the car than they had in the restaurant:


And that concludes the Buffalo story. Erin and Mike dropped me back at the subway. The subway was under construction as usual, and I had to take 5 vehicles over the course of two hours to get back to Brooklyn just after midnight, but it was worth it. I had an excellent and relaxing weekend, Erin Gunn was productive with wedding tasks, Siobhan and Kevin were stellar hosts, and Mike was the voice of reason through it all. Thanks for a brilliant weekend, crew!

Is your town known for any specific cuisine?

8 thoughts on “Winging it

  1. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Real buffalo wings! I don’t think it would have even occurred to me to get wings IN Buffalo! Duh. 😛 Well done in the eats department–I am glad to see you held down the dessert fort amidst all that beer and wings. A girl after my own heart. 🙂


  2. J. says:

    Chicken finger sub with buffalo sauce and blue cheese?? That sounds like heaven!

    My town is not famous for anything, but Canada in general? Poutine and maple syrup!


  3. Gina says:

    Hmm…Columbus, Ohio…we are known for Wendy’s!! I guess. I mean it started here, but that’s nothing like the buffalo wing! One of my favorite foods, ever. That’s HILARIOUS that the little girl was dipping her goldfish in her mom’s beer, I love that!


  4. Bryan says:

    Once more you seemed to bring some dignity and honour to a bunch of savages (apart from Lily who is exempt from all criticism)

    Was recently in Chongqing which is a city* in the middle of China. They are reknowned for their spicy Sichuan culinary.

    *(well metropolis….. according to wikipedia it is the most populous city on earth)

    We decided to celebrate the current economic turmoil with our customers by having a banquet.

    There were 15 dishes all up. A true feast.

    Now, I was the only non-Chinese person at the table and my Mandarin is not so crash hot. furthermore, I am not attuned to the local dialect. I am sure you have this problem in Buffalo.

    Very early on, they established an “if you have to ask, you will never know” rule so the full details still have some mystique.

    A chilled green bean shake was constantly at my side to guard against anything that was too “la” (spicy).

    But every dish was “hao chu” – I believe that the liver based dishes are popular.

    For the next dinner with this customer, I think I have sufficiently proven myself eligible to take photos.

    Just for the record – who was that smouldering hot Kevin guy?


  5. erin says:

    oh bryan… as if your heart didn’t leap a mile when you saw him on the screen.
    i would say i’m not a savage, but i definitely imbibed a good deal that night and passed out on the car ride home. no complaints.


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