Invitation only

One week ago today was Myrna’s last day at my agency. 😦 To see her off, the early childhood department did what it does best: FOOD!!

We loaded the conference room with all manner of goodies: Angela’s salad, chips, salsa, my yuca and onions, avocados, Mildred’s morro de frijolies, Belkis’ potato salad, roasted chicken, steak, two-bite appetizers, and more!


Mi plato con yuca, morro de frijoles, ensalada, aguacate, carne, y pollo:


Mmmmmmmm …


I loooooooove these limey onions I made for the yuca. I am so glad I have coworkers who can school me in Dominican cooking!


Katty came through with this masterpiece from the bakery on the corner for dessert:


No kidding. I suppose one slice of cake per week won’t hurt me …


I did the slicing honors (of course), so I made sure to connect myself with a slice containing Oreo AND strawberry:


Oh right, there was some melty soupy French Silk ice cream as well:


I definitely had more scoops of ice cream. I cannot resist the melt!


The food from this meal kept on giving and giving. I had leftovers for lunch the next day:

Img 5537

And leftover yuca in a coconut bowl (yet another coconut that I beat into submission with the dull side of my machete):


And leftover yuca with oatmeal and more coconut:


Seriously, yuca, oatmeal, and coconut together in a bowl: what a party! Next time, I will need to invite avocado, peanut butter, and plantains — that will be a REAL fiesta.

Myrna, thanks for yet another excuse to overeat on the job πŸ˜› We will miss you tons and tons!

To whom have you said goodbye recently, and which foods did you invite to the party?

9 thoughts on “Invitation only

  1. Gina says:

    There have not been any goodbyes in my life recently, but if there were, I’d bring that cake!! My goodness, it looked like heaven on a plate. Great idea volunteering to cut the cake, I do that too…and I always end up with a great piece!


  2. Erin says:

    That cake is the most gorgeous dessert I’ve ever seen! How does cake follow you around so much? Why doesn’t it follow me??
    Haha, I guess, it’d be bad if it did. I have no self control for that!
    I always invite avocadoes to a party.


  3. devan newman says:

    all this food looks incredible.
    the cake is stunning πŸ™‚
    i havent said goodbye to anyone recently.. i have been living on my own for the past year now.. but recently have been feeling rather homesick..
    currently, more so waiting for a Hello from my parents to visit.
    food for the party? hummus. grilled salads. foccacia and balsamic.


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