The junk

Since I’ve been trying to avoid growing out of my already-purchased bridesmaid dress for Erin Gunn’s wedding, I’ve had to make a few cutbacks on my standard eat-everything-in-sight philosophy. By “a few,” I mean that there was one day when an open box of Chips Ahoy was sitting on the conference room table next to my desk, and I did not eat any.


One day.

There was another day when Deborah brought in a half dozen Dunkin’ Donuts and put them in that same fateful conference room table location.


I kept my wits about me and wrapped up a blueberry donut (my favorite DD kind!) to take home and store in my freezer until the weekend when a breakfast guest gave me an excuse to go all Brandi 😛

I broke out my last three CSA eggs of the week:


And collected all of my frozen rescued carbs (blueberry donut, restaurant sourdough bread left from a brunch bread basket):


And whipped up French toast extravaganza:


I didn’t have any syrup, so I served the feast with a little side of raspberry sorbet.

Seriously, that Brandi knew what she was doing when she got her donuts in on the French toasting action. This was delicious!


Another thing I haven’t eaten … yet:


Authentic Puerto Rican candy that Nydia brought back to the office from her trip home. It’s chilling in my freezer right now, waiting for a desperate moment the perfect moment.

In my final burst of willpower, I sidestepped the tray of cookies on my first night of Bank Street classes and instead filled up my empty lunch tupperware with the blueberry garnish:


After that amazing feat of fruit collection, however, my willpower took a bit of a hit. We had freshly baked French bread with Laughing Cow cheese in a meeting:


And Cathy came back from her trip to South Africa with a table (that same darn conference room table) full of duty free chocolates for the office:

Img 5608

I made more than one trip to the stash:


Actually, I made more than five trips to the stash, but let’s not dwell on that.


Really, what’s done is done.

Img 5633

I probably also ate these garlic knots left from Rosey’s lunch:


And these three (errrrrr 12) authentic Columbian candies:


And half of a chocolate-covered graham cracker (thanks, Lillian!):


And a sample of cheesecake from Union Market:


I took a brief break from the fake sugar to enjoy these grapes and strawberries that Katty brought in for Jessica’s birthday:


But I went right back to my old friend when Nydia and Lillian brought this masterpiece to the office to celebrate all of the September birthdays:


There was even a birthday candle, so I obviously had to get in on the cake action. It would have been rude not to.


Jessica, Rosalie, and Deborah were the lucky September babies who inspired the celebration:


I had to eat and run since it was my class day, so I had Rosalie shove a slice into a cup so I wouldn’t miss out. She didn’t think she could make the cake fit, but I assured her it would work, and it did!


Aaaaaaaand, there was more French bread:


How can I resist when the bread is literally still warm from the oven and filled with all of this melty butter???


On top of these forays into dress-tightening cuisine, Belkis refilled her candy jar with all manner of crazy lollipops:


I had to take a closer look by eating all of them.

So anyway, there were some things I didn’t eat, but there were mostly things I did eat! And now my tummy hurts just from reliving all of this. How about I try some produce????? Hmmmm, what a novel concept 😛 To be continued …

What kind of junk have you been eating lately?

13 thoughts on “The junk

  1. brandi says:

    these cakes are just too much to look at this early 🙂

    I’m glad you tried the french toast donut! isn’t the blueberry awesome like that? Now I want to make them again.


  2. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Gracious, how much longer do you have to hold out til this bridesmaid dress is come and gone! It is getting in the way of your expansion, haha. Luckily tonight’s dinner will be fairly guilt-free–thank goodness for “quick exit” foods. 😉

    So glad you got to try Bonobo’s coconut crack!

    Seeya later…


  3. Gina says:

    I can’t get over how many sweets you post about! I mean, how do you stay so fit and in shape? Your office has a cake/cookies/candy, everyday! I would go crazy, fighting with myself about whether to eat them or not….ahhhh! Obviously you manage to deal with it in a healthy way.
    I have been eating ice cream and Hershey’s kisses a lot lately 🙂 MY two weaknesses!


  4. Hallie says:

    I always read your posts when I want to be JEALOUS of all the awesome eats you get 🙂 bridesmaid dress, shmismaid dress! I’m on this god-awful boring diet right now so I haven’t been eating too much junk…but the second I’m done with my program…it won’t be pretty (but it will be awesome!)


  5. katecooks says:

    if that box of DnD was on my office table, no way would i be able to resist either! i’ve been pretty good with the junk lately, just eating some cranberry raisinettes, junior mints, reeses pb cups, froyo…pretty green friendly i would say 😉


  6. Sweetie Pie says:

    Peanut butter filled pretzels = crack. I can’t seem to stop eating them. I take comfort in the fact that they do contain protein. 🙂


  7. Elisabeth says:

    I have had ice cream with homemade chocolate chip cookies every night since Saturday. In addition to chocolate chip cookies sans ice cream. I’ve decided that tonight I will stop the madness…but only because I ate all of the cookies.


  8. Lele says:

    Those blueberry donuts are ridiculously amazing. And, uh, packed full of antioxidants? I indulge in them when I’m home at church coffee hour, which is, like your office, a dangerous place.
    The latest junk I had at school was ludicrously delicious sorbet, because I was accidentally early for class and my throat hurt and, I mean, obviously therefore I HAD to purchase some sorbet.


  9. Abigail says:

    Wow! You just posted some of the most tempting photos ever!! Yumm…Hehe

    I recently moved to South Korea- Here, at their little grocery stores, they are filled with whole wheat yummy goodness..that are mostly all organic and sugar free..but they taste like little debbies!! It’s amazing.


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