Other people cook

As much as I love to cook for myself, I obviously enjoy tasting other people’s kitchen creations quite a bit! Last Thursday night, I walked down from my office to my friend Diana’s apartment so we could catch up and work on turning the contents of her fridge into a meal. Diana was well-stocked with salsa, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, and more:


She quickly set to work throwing together a sauce with the salsa, tomatoes, mushrooms, and black beans:


While I worked some cheddar cheese polenta magic:


Diana’s sauce went on top of a couple tilapia filets:


Which went into the oven for a bake and then a meaningful broil:


Once you go black … nothing beats the char πŸ˜›

We layered the fish on top of the polenta and added more sauce and salsa for extra flair. Diana and I know how to dine in style:


For dessert, we split a Peppermint Patty, quite possibly my favorite candy of all time (ok, second only to Cadbury Creme Eggs):


Thanks for sharing your kitchen, Diana!

Fast-forward to Friday at work. As you may recall, Friday is the farm delivery day at my office: the day that all of the local farm produce arrives for our food pantry. The Advocacy department has started arranging once per month cooking demonstrations with the in-season produce that is delivered because the food that grows here is often completely new to our clients. Friday’s lesson was on spaghetti squash:


The demonstrator showed how to bake and extract the “noodles” from the squash and then top it with home-enhanced marinara:


The families all sampled the finished produce, and so did Pura and I!


Seriously, how did I end up in an agency where I can play with babies, eat to my heart’s content, and practice Spanish until I am blue in the face? I am wayyyyyy too lucky πŸ˜€

Who has been cooking for you lately?

9 thoughts on “Other people cook

  1. Gina says:

    How neat!! I’d love to have someone come in and cook such great meals for me! No one has cooked for me lately 😦 Boo hoo. But lately I’ve been enjoying cooking for myself even more, so it’s not so bad.
    Oh, and Cadbury Creme Eggs ARE the best candy, I agree.


  2. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Haha, obviously the beginning of this post threw me for a loop! I’m like, I didn’t cook for Sarah and forget about it, did I…? LOL

    But hey that would be fun. Next time we’re down for a Brooklyn blogger date and want to go frugal style we could potluck it even!


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