The whirlwind continues

Allie and I passed through Carmel again to tie up loose ends before continuing back up to the Bay Area. In a little Carmel gift shop, some items spoke to me quite loudly:


Finally around 3:00, we set sail (in Allie’s Subaru) for points farther north. Allie revealed a serious collection of goodies, so we had snack time in the car:


I ate a plum (or two) and many slices of delicious Boars Head Swiss:


Along with some of this Sobe life water:


What I really wanted was real water, but that seemed to be in short supply throughout the entire trip!

We arrived in Allie’s little town of Benicia around 5:30, and she drove me around her neighborhood for a tour. Who knew California had so many quaint towns full of charming cottages?! I’ve visited tons of times before, but I really think this trip took the cake (hahhhhaaa) in terms of cottage quantity/quality. Allie’s abode definitely fit right into this charming category, and I immediately set myself up with some honeyed and milked yerba mate atop a vintage Quaker oats trivet and an equally vintage side table of sorts.


After a brief excursion out to Chris’s house for a visit, we headed back to Allie’s for a big-sister-prepared feast. Allie broke out a bottle of Tuscan herb olive oil and 20-year-aged balsamic vinegar from a recent Napa trip:


The precious goods made excellent dipping for toasty cheesy bread.


We followed our gourmet appetizer with this spaghetti and shrimp marinara:


Allie expertly dusted my bowl with red pepper flakes and parm:


For dessert, we split another treat from her Napa trip:


Dark chocolate-covered marzipan:


Cue collective YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Allie and I passed out by 10 and stayed out all the way until 9 the next morning! I had some nieces to visit next on my agenda, so I scrambled out of bed, threw my clothes on, and ferreted out half a grapefruit while Allie primped.


For our real breakfast, Allie pulled together one of the best meals of the entire trip!


She made a breakfast burrito consisting of eggs, gorgonzola, parmesan, tomatoes, fresh basil, onions, and peppers atop a whole wheat tortilla:


It was delicious and way hit the spot …


… especially alongside a baby juice shot of Odwalla B-Monster and more tea.


We were out the door by 11:10 and on our way to Fairfax for a visit with my nieces, my sister-in-law, and my fourth bed of the trip.

Do your vacations tend to morph into whirlwinds of activity, or do you limit them to relaxation time?

5 thoughts on “The whirlwind continues

  1. brandi says:

    that fork is hilarious 🙂

    some of our vacations are crazy like that, and sometimes, they’re very relaxing. it just depends on what all is going on and who we’re with!


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