It’s like me. But in cookie form 😛

That homemade piggy cookie arrived for me courtesy of Jose, who received a baggie of them on one of his regular jaunts through the agency. You see the kind of food that accosts me at work every second? Imagine that times 10 million, and that’s what the approximately three men who work for my agency have to face every millisecond. My coworkers love to feed me, but they love to feed men even more.

As hard as it was to return from vacation last week, I have to admit that I found this sight incredibly comforting:


The fruits of Belkis’ apple-picking adventure are still alive and well, thank heavens!


And our food pantry never seems to run out of peanut butter, thank heavens times two!!


And the conference room table keeps overflowing with deliciously useless junk:


(banana moon pie, entenmann’s brownies and chocolate frosted donuts, blueberry almond cheesecake)

And the birthdays keep coming:


(tres leches cake for Julia and Luis’ birthdays)

And the food demonstrations keep going:


And Jose keeps hunting them down:


(Jose with fish tacos!)

And then Rosalie changed my life with this:


I thought it was just a regular roll, but no. It was an almojábana, apparently the pillowyest cheesiest bread EVER baked.


I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. Oink.

Do you have any recent life-changing oink moments?

4 thoughts on “Oink

  1. Hallie says:

    I have recently discovered the amazing-ness that is a ripe avocado. I’m a little obsessed, and even though they are healthy, they are also very high cal so to me, they are oink-worthy. Emphasis on the worthy!


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