Snip snip snip

OK, it is finally time to move into the sequence of wedding events. (And in case you have not been paying attention, I am referring to Erin Gunn’s wedding and not my own!). I took Thursday and Friday off work so that I could head up to MA and fulfill my bridesmaid duties properly. My parents picked me up at the bus in Providence and chauffeured me right over to the Gunn household, where I began by watching the master at work:


Mmmmmhmmm, that is Erin’s sister Siobhan hard at work on a project involving my favorite ingredient … canned pumpkin!


And she was working on creating my favorite baking result: wedding cake!


Of course, Siobhan had to level the tops of the cakes for stackability … and that meant pumpkin cake scraps:


More πŸ˜€ I love hanging out with the Gunns.


Lily got in on the cake scraps action:


And once again made her ancestors proud. Pacifier in mommy’s wine glass:


Like mother, like daughter. Pacifier in mouth:


While the others were getting sloshed, I actually started work on an actual job (with tons of help from the ever-reliable groom). Place card creation:


And then it was time for dinner: french bread and dog food.


Just kidding! Erin’s family put on a brilliant spread, beginning with olives:


Continuing with lasagna:


And Swedish meatballs!


Kevin being the epitome of class, as usual πŸ˜›


I loaded my plate like so (and followed it up with a second plate!):


For dessert, I accidentally got into the basket of Halloween candy intended for the under-12 crowd at the wedding:


Believe me, it did not stop at half a peanut butter cup! Up next: day two of last minute wedding preparations.

In your opinion, when is the best time to eat Halloween candy: before, during, or after the holiday?

3 thoughts on “Snip snip snip

  1. Hallie says:

    Fun recap! Can’t wait for the rest. I would say the day of is the best time for candy eating…but as this year shaped up to prove to me…all three are excellent..


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