I dooooooooooooo!

Finally, after a ridiculous and over-the-top amount of lead-up, the time came to face my fear of the bridesmaid dress.


The other ladies slipped into their dresses without flinching (actually, that’s a lie — Catherine was an excellent partner in tight dress misery!) while I worried about what I would do if I ripped the seams of mine while participating in some sort of high-impact sport like breathing.


Somehow, however, we all found ourselves successfully zipped into beautiful folds of satiny chocolate chocolatey satin:


PHEW … and thank you to my sister Emily for the loan of her life-saving Spanx!!:-P


AK, photographer extraordinaire, went to work arranging us for ultimate pre-wedding photogenicity in the Gunn backyard:


Photography is an action sport, fyi:


And here we are with our special special bride (because, ummmm, this day was about more than just my dress saga), Erin Gunn Mrs. Brennan-to-be:


The limo arrived, and we were magically transported to a world of cheese and crackers, aka the bridal suite at the wedding site:


We did a little bit of prep:


… and then got ourselves lined up for the big moment!

Picture 2Picture 1

I even managed to read my piece and command the new couple to go forth and multiply without splitting any seams!

Picture 3

And then came the big moment:

Picture 4

Awwwwwwwwwwww. Once again, totally about more than my dress 😛

More bridal suite apps during photography:


Cheese, crackers, fruit, sundried tomato tarts, chicken satay, spanakopita:


Best picture EVER:


Bustling is apparently a VERY involved project:



Bridal suite beverage service was lacking, so some of the boys took it upon themselves to release a few beers from behind the bar. I took advantage of the opportunity to drink my first beer ever. I usually hate beer — I don’t know why it tasted so good at that moment!


After the photos, we went out to join the party. I am so in love with these centerpieces that Erin’s sisters made:


I ignored my minestrone soup and watched the dancing children instead:


The bar was open (thanks to Erin and Mike!!), so I asked for a cocktail of Grey Goose, soda water, and a slice of every fruit possible:


I squeezed and mashed my orange, lemon, lime, and cherry into the drink and ended up with a brilliant fresh fruit concoction. And then I did it again. Three more times 😛

More dancing:




I went Trick or Treating at Erin and Mike’s table:


Erin said, We put the candy here for the kids, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you more often! Oops 😛

And then it was time for cake-cutting!


How amazing is Siobhan’s cake?????


Before they wheeled the cake off to cut for the masses …


… I snagged a prize: the discarded gum paste pumpkin from Erin and Mike’s slice!


Mmmmmmmmmmmm …


I also snagged a photo with the Captain himself, aka father of the bride:


And then the entree of salmon with sundried tomato glaze, rice pilaf, and green beans with almonds:


QT with the princess of the night:


(Yes,  I definitely 86’d those straps on the dress as soon as the official photos were done!)

And QT with the prince!


The cake came around,  and I had my slice … plus the slices of about four other people!


Pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing must be eaten at all costs (especially when it involves a change in tongue color, and especially when the new color is purple):

Picture 6

Picture 5

Congratulations to Erin and Mike … aka the Brennans!!! And thanks for throwing the best party ever to celebrate your marriage 😀

Favorite tongue color?

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