A couple Sundays ago, Kate invited Gina and me over to her apartment for some home-cooked comfort food! Kate had decorated her coffee table with wine glasses, bread, and herbed olive oil for dipping:


Fancy schmancy!

While Kate tended to the Ribolita (Tuscan bread soup) …


… Gina and I broke into the snacks!


Gina brought over veggies and HungryGirl’s buffalo chicken dip:


I ate about a gallon of this stuff. It was AMAZING.


Meanwhile, over by the stove, Kate continued her flurry of dinner-prep activity:


This soup was delicious and SO hearty:


The big chunks of Italian bread that had been baked right into it were delicious and FILLING.

For dessert, I brought over the last of the goodies that Coco sent me from Argentina:



At work the next day, my international dessert sampling continued with this bowl of food left from a meeting (french bread, eggs with ham) and dulce with guava jelly that Rosalie brought from Puerto Rico!


Mmmm, I think I’m addicted to dulce de coco.

And then, just since I’m talking about delicious things, I might as well mention that Diana, Vani, and I met up at the newest raw restaurant in Brooklyn, Sun In Bloom, for dinner on Tuesday night.


I ordered the Southwestern Burrito:


The “meat” inside was made of sunflower seeds and was absolutely delicious and tasted like tacos!


Plus, I ordered my burrito wrapped in collard greens instead of a tortilla — brilliant!

I love having so many people with whom to explore the food in my borough! Who do you call when a new place opens?

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