Where are we?

Can you name this city?


How about now?




That’s right — it’s Chicago!! Erik and I decided sort of last minute to go out to Chicago for the long Presidents Day weekend to visit his brother, and of course, do some sightseeing.


I had never been to Chicago before, so first stop was the Observatory at the top of the Hancock Building.


One of my favorite things to do in any new city is to find the most touristy destination possible with the highest altitude possible. I LOVE the Empire State Building Observatory, and I’ve lived in NYC for 10 years!

Anyway, the Hancock was brilliant! Admission came with an interactive audio tour, so I learned (and promptly forgot) all about the city as I admired the view from every angle:





I spent some time contemplating the meaning of life:


And washing windows on the 94th floor:



Then, lucky us, the sun began its descent!


And we decided to partake in a completely unnecessary delight:


Pistachio gelato topped with toasted candied almonds and fresh whipped cream!


And a dazzling espresso creation with wayyyy too many ingredients to remember:


Is this not the most beautiful sight ever??


The sun fully set while we were nibbling …


… and provided us with some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen!


After passing a couple blissful hours in the observatory, we took a stroll through downtown.


Seriously, who knew Chicago was so gorgeous?!! More to come soon …

What is your favorite US city?

7 thoughts on “Where are we?

  1. Lele says:

    I like going to the tallest, tourist-iest place too. I just went up Taipei 101 which WAS the tallest building in the world until the inconsiderate builders in Dubai beat them. But it is still mighty tall.
    I’m actually going to make the case for Sand Point, Idaho, as one of my favorite cities. It is a little quality-shopping, delicious-pie-eating hippie haven in the middle of the boonies. And it is by gooooorgeous hiking and lakes.


  2. Maytina says:

    For American cities, I’ve only been to Vegas and New York and I love both of them! I’m in Toronto and I know what you mean about the view of the city from great heights. My fave local spot for that is, of course, the CN tower. The restaurant rotates!


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