Sugar babies

As you all know by now (probably better than the back of your hand), I eat lots of delicious food every single day at work. The daily influx of of totally unnecessary confectionary does, however, skew my expectations and leave me spoiled. As a result, on the rare day when there is no cake to be found in my office, I go a little/very crazy. One day last week, Erik got so tired of hearing me go on and on about my need for a cupcake that he dragged me to a little French bakery down the street for some sugar-therapy.


Check out this block of espresso fudge mousse, complete with gold leaf shavings on top!


Mmmm, these treats hit the spot. I needn’t have worried about hitting a sugar low, however, because a few days later was our office “holiday” party (yes, in late February!):


The party had a Carnivale theme as well as a bring-your-own-dessert-to-share theme. Uh oh!


We had light-up straws:


and a dinner buffet (with salad, roast chicken, Mediterranean pasta, plantains):



The real star, though, was the dessert table!!!!!


Can you believe the amount of goodies that came in?


I was nearly in tears because I knew there was no way I could try everything!

Here’s my overflowing baby dessert plate:


I had several more bites of various delicacies as the night went on, too … and then I decided to stop eating sugar forever before I get diabetes!

We also had a mask contest. Some of the top contenders:


(Thanks to Brittany, Annette, and Julia for lending their modeling chops to the blog!)

Yet another fun night of office camaraderie (and too much sugar).

And just for the purposes of food art admiration, Nitza brought these chocolates to Lorraine to congratulate her on her retirement:


Beautiful, right?!!! Lorraine said, “Sarah, you can look, but you can’t touch!” I obeyed šŸ˜›

AND, in the final work-food event of note, last week Baby Buggy and Aveeno teamed up to take a bunch of our families on a field trip from East Harlem to midtown for Mama + Baby yoga, free Aveeno Baby samples, speeches by experts from Parents and Baby magazines, and lunch.


They were soooooooooo cute!



And the lunch spread was brilliant!


Here’s my plate with roasted veggies on rosemary focaccia, mixed greens with pears, walnuts, and gorgonzola, whole wheat pasta salad with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, and a Naked Green Superfood juice (haven’t had one of those in forever!):


Once again, my place of employment has outdone itself with the presence of delicious food AND babies. How could things get any better??!!

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