Out for a stroll

Once upon a time (like maybe a month ago?), my friend Becka came for a visit. Becka was my first friend at NYU. We met when I came to New York for freshman orientation, nearly 10 years ago.

formal with becka

We spent many an NYU event getting full together, such as at our senior formal at the Hilton (see below photo, taken moments before we both had to leave the premises and head home due to explosion potential).

formal full death

Anyway, Becka moved back home to Minnesota after we graduated, and I hardly see her these days as a result! I was crazily excited when she and her boyfriend Aaron were in town last month.

We met at the Patsy’s in the village, an old favorite spot of ours, for a triple date with Erik, Gina, and Chris. I had not been planning to take pictures, but I got so worked up at the sight of these freshly baked rolls with olive oil and parmesan cheese that the camera was in my hands before I knew it:


Mmmmmm, crusty bread with cheesy olive oil … not much beats it!


Becka, Aaron, Chris, and Gina split a pizza and a beautiful platter of penne a la vodka. Action:

Img 8365

Chatting ensued:



I broke the camera out when my pizza arrived, and Becka leapt into photography mode, too:


Erik and I ordered our pizza because we have really big appetites and don’t share food well with others ๐Ÿ˜›


We ordered our pizza with extra sauce and half sausage. Mmmmmm, look at that meltiness!


We did not face any challenges obliterating the food.


After pizza, our full bellies decided a walk was in order. We somehow ended up at Cafe Dante. Hmmmm, how did that happen?


Erik ordered a hazelnut gelato, and I helped myself ๐Ÿ˜€


I also tried some of Gina’s hazelnut gelato rum ball …


… and some of someone’s tiramisu …


… and some of Becka’s cheesecake …


… but mostly, I had my own individually French pressed Earl Grey tea:



Yay for visiting long distance friends!

Have you taken any trips down memory lane lately?

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