Wine, cheese, and bonus

Two weekends ago, we remaining NYU girls in the city finally managed to determine a time, date, and location when we could all meet. Because all of our schedules are crazy and opposite, this type of star alignment only occurs once every six months, at most 😦

We attempted an auto-timer group shot to mark the momentous occasion:

Img 8445

And we’ve found a system that works — wine and cheese at rotating apartments! This time, we met at JQ’s place in the West Village — last time was Di’s apartment on the UES. But what really inspired me to break out the camera was this crazy cocktail that wound up in my hands courtesy of mixologist extraordinaire JQ:

Img 8438

Prosecco with hibiscus flowers!!!! Don’t they look like little origami swans in my drink?

The beautiful and colorful array of healthy snacks that just kept growing and growing with plenty of crudites supplied by JQ, strawberries and baby pickles (that I brought!) …


… Di’s famous ricotta + rosemary + black pepper + honey dip …

Img 8440



… and more!

Once we had stuffed and wined ourselves silly, the night sort of devolved into an impromptu Photobooth extravaganza with the help of my Gorillapod securing the camera to the back of a chair and a self-timer programmed to take 10 shots in a minute and a half.






And then we listened to songs on youtube and danced around like lunatics.





I got back to Brooklyn a little after midnight and bumped into this random boyfriend of mine at the 12th Street Bar & Grill. Erik and Clare had stopped in there for a drink, but something quite noteworthy was underway.


The people at the next table had brought in a pizza, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it looked like the most delicious thing to have ever alighted on earth. They noticed Erik ogling the pie and offered up a slice!!


Brilliant generosity of this caliber just does not happen in Manhattan, let me tell you.

All in all, a satisfactory evening!

Do strangers ever offer you food?

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