Town and country

So, we left off in early April … which leads perfectly into Easter! Normally, I would have gone up to MA for a Passover-Easter combo of events, but between school and other travel plans, I couldn’t make it work. Enter Plan B: traditional Easter celebrating with Erik! We headed up to Harlem for the Easter Sunday service:


Probably my first full-length church service ever (except for some weddings perhaps?). I was mostly fascinated by the exposed brick and stained glass!


And the cupcake tower downstairs that accompanied Easter brunch:


While waiting for the ready signal on the food, we took a tour of the garden:


We got back inside just in time for locally baked red velvet cupcakes, aka the appetizer!!


Pretty eggs:


Here’s cupcake #1:


Cupcake #2:




Cupcake #3:


I could not keep my hands off the cupcakes!! Luckily, I had a very willing partner who helped me eat half of each 😀

A quarter-dozen cupcakes in, the brunch was finally ready. I loaded up with a crispy corner of mac & cheese, collard greens, and BBQ chicken:


And then it was time for Easter dinner! You didn’t think I would stop at brunch, did you?

Erik and I headed out to his aunt and uncle’s house in Staten Island, where we received a welcome tour of the garden, complete with chives and oregano that had just started to sprout:



Space like this in NYC always blows my mind. Everything was so peaceful:


We hung out on the patio with Prosecco and cute boys:


And cheese and crackers!


Erik’s Aunt Lois is a master entertainer and seasonal decorator, as you can see from the dining room arrangement:



We started with a delicious asparagus, fennel, and orange salad:


Between courses, I nibbled on the Easter candy basket that was screaming my name:


More centerpiece action:


Dinner was scalloped potatoes (I took a couple crispy mini-pieces since we all know I’m not a potato girl), ham with pineapple and cranberries, and green spring veggies:


This ham was amazing. The pineapple and cherries had gotten caramelized in the oven — it was like eating candy!


When dessert arrived, my jaw dropped to the floor.


We had rhubarb cake and a lemon cheesecake-ish pie:


Both beyond delicious and refreshing, especially the lemon pie!

Img 8594

Mmmmmmmmm, perfect day. I feel so lucky to have been invited! I love visiting people’s real houses, especially in this city where they are so few and far between.

Which would you choose: city apartment or suburban house?

4 thoughts on “Town and country

  1. Vani says:

    For a second I thought the baby’s name was Prosecco!

    I am so torn on the city/house issue. I think I’ll probably end up living in a middle-ground-ish college town 🙂


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