All for the vows

Well, the whirlwind never ends around here! The past couple weeks month has been crazy. At the end of April, I headed up to Massachusetts for Kerri Penno’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. ‘Tis the season!

The bridesmaids (including me!) put on the bridal shower at Luciano’s, a swanky Italian restaurant and event spot near where I grew up. As we mingled, the beautiful smell of baking bread began to waft through the room until these stunners arrived …

Tomato-garlic-herb focaccia:


Warm gooey cinnamon buns:


Is it breakfast or lunch? You decide!

We started with salads …


And then chat-chat-chatted until the buffet began to grow and grow and grow:


And grow!


The bride began the food line:


And her loyal servants followed closely behind πŸ˜€


Brunch was a delicious medly of fruit, eggs, sausage, pasta, saucy seafood (including crab and lobster!), and chicken:


After eating, Ting and I got a little wild with the cinnamoon buns (and whatever mamosa-ish drink it was that kept coming around) and started dunking the sugary bits in our coffee:



After brunch, we looked at the shower cake:

Img 8724

And at the impressive rolled chocolate floral arrangement on top of it:


We looked, but we did not touch … because it was time for presents! And presents and presents and presents:


And then, finally, the cake was mine for the taking, mmmmmmmmmm πŸ˜€


After the shower, Ting and I drove back to Boston to have our own little pre-bachelorette party at her apartment while we “got ready” for the main event that night. We toasted nearly empty red wine glasses and had to fill them up again immediately:


(Pretty apartment.)


And then, full wine glasses in hand, we made our way up, up, up …


… until we were floating in the sky!


(or maybe just on the roof)



Wine in reach, obv:


Having grown up so close to Boston, I tend to take it for granted, but it really is such a pretty city!




And naptime …



Thank goodness for those peaceful five minutes. We had quite the wild night lurking just moments away!

Bachelorette party to come …

Are your springs/summers full of nonstop wedding festivities?

5 thoughts on “All for the vows

  1. Rachael says:

    I feel left out – no one I know every gets married. I’ve been to one wedding in my entire life, which, coming from an Irish Catholic family, is very odd indeed. I fear this does not bode well for my own future πŸ™‚
    Then again,most of my friends are hippies, and maybe I should start asking them about hand-fasting ceremonies instead.
    Enjoy the season and all the free food,cake and wine it offers you.


  2. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    I love focaccia and all the ladies lined up in great spring attire! If that is what the cake looks like here, I can only imagine the detail in the wedding cake.

    I wish I got to go to more weddings; I love them!


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