I love tea

Recently, Erin Gunn Brennan came down to the Slope so that we could have a girly Saturday. Mike was camping and Erik was working, so we got pedicures 😀 We supplemented the beautifying with food, of course.

Erin had been craving balls, so we trotted across the street to Hanco’s for lunch and bubble tea. I got a green salad with shrimp and crispy onion flakes and a honey green tea with balls:


I love Hanco’s salads. They’re so tasty, and I always feel satisfied at the end.

Erin got one of the famous Vietnamese sandwiches:


After our pedicures, we wandered around a bit in search of an “official” dessert. That’s when I remembered Sun In Bloom! I ate at SIB with the ladies months ago right after it opened (and I also ate there last year when it was still Organic Heights), but since both of those delicious meals, I’ve read about SIB’s brilliant raw desserts multiple times courtesy of Diana. Diana is no longer volunteering her time and talents and SIB, but I was sure some of her skill had rubbed off. We were not disappointed!

Erin and I split a mini chocolate/vanilla mousse cup and a mini strawberry cheesecake:


Plus a vegan chocolate chip cookie:


I must say, we left SIB completely stuffed. Those tasty tasty desserts were a meal in themselves!

The other noteworthy piece of Erin Gunn’s visit was this:


As a graduation gift, Erin brought me the fanciest, most intricate, most exciting goodie box of Teavana treats:



These are the most beautiful teas I have ever seen. I could not stop photographing the vibrant colors.

Mate Vana:


Rooibos Tropica:


Rooibos Sweet Amore:


(yes, look at those rosebuds!)

And Earl Grey Creme:


What’s more, the process of steeping has never been so exciting.

After putting the desired amount of tea in the little magic pot and letting it steep sufficiently, you just place the pot over a glass/mug and apply gentle pressure. The tea comes right out the bottom through a strainer, leaving the leaves behind as it exits!

  IMG_9519 IMG_9520

I’ve been letting it out directly over ice mostly, as weather has necessitated cold beverages. Yay for fun new tea accessories! Thanks, Erin!

P.S. Another new exciting kitchen gadget arrived this week, thanks to my credit card points: a “free” food processor! Let’s hope I don’t burn it out within the week …


3 thoughts on “I love tea

  1. Lele says:

    OMG that teavana set is the best graduation gift ever. I wish I had thought of requesting that when I graduated! What is the statute of limitations on graduation gifts? I am pushing six months…


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