Roughing it

Continuing with the MN saga, we spent that night at Erik’s dad’s house and got up even earlier the next morning to begin the long drive up north with Erik’s stepmom, Diane. We stopped for a photo-op in Duluth …



… and for a picnic on Lake Superior. Diane had packed the most incredible feast!


IMG_0355 IMG_0357

Against all the rules, we played in the water after we ate.


I was like a broken record: Are you sure this is a lake? This is not the ocean?


But where is the other side??


I suppose that is why they call it Lake Superior.


And I continued to be sold on MN as we continued our journey north.

38982_453577507867_553067867_6364530_2325394_n IMG_0395

After many many many hours, we finally arrived up at the cabin, where Erik’s dad and brother were waiting.


I must admit that this was the part of the trip I had feared the most. Three nights in a little cabin in the middle of nowhere with FIVE adults and no electricity and no plumbing. NO PLUMBING??!!



But it was surprisingly easy and fun, especially since wild raspberries and blueberries were everywhere I looked!

IMG_0404 IMG_0438

And the kitchen in the cabin was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen!


Somehow, Diane managed to prepare a gourmet feast for us every single night in that little space:


And take a look at this ingenious toasting contraption:


Breakfasts generally involved some kashi golean crunch with fruit, yogurt, and earl grey 🙂

IMG_0422IMG_0524 IMG_0601

And water drawn from the WELL!



Lunches revolved around our planned activities, such as a 5-mile hike along the Superior Hiking Trail:


We had a really cool idea to eat our sandwiches (pre-made by me!) in the middle of the Brule River:


There was a minor incident that involved me slipping into the river during the tiptoe out to our target rocks, but I recovered quickly.


The experience was definitely worth the impromptu ice bath!


After the hike, we met Erik’s brother Peder for dessert at the Naniboujou Lodge. Can you believe this place?


More rhubarb-based treats:

IMG_0480 IMG_0483

When we finished dessert, we went out behind the lodge to collect some big rocks for our planned marshmallow-roasting fire.

Again, I was in awe of Lake Superior. Remember, this is not an ocean …


… but there is a tide. There were waves.


Completely unbelievable to me! The whole way out there, I was turning my nose up at all this talk of “great” lakes. I’m an ocean girl, and I was sure I could not be swayed by these mid-western lakes. But I ate my words! There were WAVES.

The skies seemed a bit threatening later on …


… but I was determined to make the s’mores happen. I appealed to my boyfriend’s masculine side until he gave in and dusted off his old Boy Scouts talents to get the fire started.


Nobody regretted the move!


On our last night at the cabin, time got away from us and it was suddenly too late to start a fire. Never fear! We used the stove:


I was sad to leave the cabin when our three days were over, but there was one thing that made it easier:


We stopped in town for the World’s Best Donuts on our way out.



I love northern Minnesota.


Did you know that the Great Lakes were so great?

One thought on “Roughing it

  1. diane HH says:

    You were such a trooper and it was so much fun having you and Erik at the cabin for a few days. You definitely adjusted to country life very well. Hope you will come back again! (So glad you like Minnesooooota!


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