I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween night in the city. New York’s streets get packed with drunk people in zombie masks, and I get scared!! I went to the Halloween Parade once so that I could cross it off my list, and I’ve never gone back. Most years, I’ve been able to avoid the mad scramble to pull a costume together. Last year, for example, Erin Gunn got married on Halloween. I had a ready-made costume in the form of my bridesmaid dress:


(Photo courtesy of Andrew Kelly.)

This year, however, the same Erin Gunn convinced me that I needed to attend a costume party, and I agreed in honor of her one-year wedding anniversary.

Obviously, I had to find a way to dress as a cupcake.


I found a pink fleece blanket at the dollar store and went to town with my sewing needle. The process, however, was not as smooth as anticipated.

it's not easy being a cupcake.

I forged ahead, though, and I still have the needle pricks in my fingers to prove it!

The finished product was worth the pain:


Yayyy, I’m a cupcake!

Anyway, the appointed hour eventually arrived, and Erik and I hopped on a NJ Transit and rode it forevvvvvvvvvvver until we arrived in New Jersey’s farm country and at this beautiful house, appropriately festooned:


Where our impeccably attired hosts, Elena and Chris, were waiting:


(Photos courtesy of Andrew Kelly.)

Plus co-host, the corpse bride herself, aka Erin Gunn.


The hosting committee had done an outstanding job with decor:

IMG_1413IMG_1414 IMG_1416


(Erik was a bedbug victim, in case that’s not clear.)

The themed snacks were amaaaazing and brilliant:


Deviled eggs with olive spiders:


Cheese-ball pumpkins:


Puff-pastry fingers with onion fingernails:

IMG_1432 IMG_1436

Hot dogs with puff pastry and mustard:


Chicken cordon bleu balls:


Mini-quiches and spinach pie:



IMG_1446 149896_445484221789_526641789_5901572_463197_n

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Kelly.)

IMG_1451 IMG_1452

Beer pong:

IMG_1453 77037_445484091789_526641789_5901570_2608623_n

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Kelly.)

Erin Gunn was on dessert duty, and she made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing:


Pumpkin brownie squares:


And rice crispies franken-treats:


The cupcakes were delicious!


It is probably a good thing that I did not keep track of how many I ate:


I must say that this costume provided excellent camouflage for the expansion!

The night charged on. Someone unfortunately got trapped in the freezer:


Captain Kirk danced …


The rockers rocked …


(Photo courtesy of Andrew Kelly.)

Uncle Jesse collapsed in exhaustion …


And the cupcake had a sugar crash:


(Photo courtesy of Andrew Kelly.)

The built-in cushioning was very convenient!

In conclusion, I loved being a cupcake, and I wish I could be one every day. Life would be so comfortable … 😀

Was your Halloween costume comfortable or uncomfortable?

3 thoughts on “Cupcakery

  1. siobhan petho says:

    Oh Sarah! What a great story! You are the cutest cupcake ever. Thanks for sharing because my own sister never gave me to conclusion to her big “what am I going to be for Halloween??” drama.


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