I haven’t written a blog post in forever. An upright mobile child changes everything!


To make a long story short, Beatrice started walking. And then she started running.


I haven’t sit down in about 8 months.

Amidst chasing her everywhere, we found out she had high lead levels last summer and temporarily had to move out of our apartment while it was de-leaded. OH, and I started working again full-time that same week. And the computer started taking two hours to turn on. I couldn’t even imagine writing a blog.

After a loooooong blog hiatus, though, we’ve settled into our new routine, upgraded our computer and our Internet, and Beatrice can sometimes play by herself for 3 minutes before reaching for me with an impish grin and demanding, “Mama, pick up a little baby! Please!” How can I refuse?!

Welcome to 20 months.


I hope I will be back more often!

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