Foodie Creations

Shortcuts to some frequently-referenced food combinations/procedures:

Bubble Tea (aka “the balls!”)

Coconut-Banana Ice Cream

Date Bliss

Green Tea Powder (for ice cream, yogurt, etc.)

Recycled Baked Goods

Chilled Corn and Avocado Soup with Basil Oil

Three-leaf Pesto


Guest Posts:

Guest Post: Correspondent Kate’s Family Dinner

Guest Post: Dad does crabs

Guest Post: Cupcake Correspondent Kate

My guest post on KERF

My guest post on For the Love of Oats

Gina’s Cautionary Tale

Guest Post: Erin’s Tale of Expansion

Guest Post: The Professional Vegan Bakes Again

Guest Post: The Professional Vegan Bakes …

First-ever T.O.E. guest post: Meet Gina

Guest Recipes:

The River Cafe: 3 Courses

Kate’s BSI Submission: Mystery Date Muffins

Mom’s BSI Submission: Date, Feta, and Toasted Nut Stuffed Butternut Squash

Mom’s Kitchen Sink Muffins

Guest Chefs/Reader Contributions

Wife’s Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Nitza’s Ethiopian Feast

Wife’s Scones

Mom’s Valentine’s Day Treats

Brigitte’s Pulled Pork

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