Healthy Cream Cheese Icing


Healthy Cream Cheese Icing

I’m finding myself posting about this alllll the time (since I’m eating it alllll the time :-)). I decided to save myself some explanation effort and make a page!

The mix shifts a bit every time I make cream cheese icing, but the general idea is the same. In a bowl, add equal parts plain yogurt (thick, strained Greek yogurt is preferable) and ricotta (part-skim works the best; you can also blend cottage cheese and use that). To taste, add the following: vanilla (I use about 1 tsp per 1 cup yogurt/ricotta mix), maple cream or honey (same amount as vanilla), cinnamon, raisins or other dried fruit (optional), coconut (optional):


Whisk everything together thoroughly.

You can certainly frost a cake with the icing, but I love to use it for dressing up my oatmeal. Get ready for your party in a bowl!


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