Product Review: PB2

Gina from Bell Plantation sent me these samples of PB2 and chocolate PB2 to try. Yum!


PB2 Experiment #1: March 14, 2009

I cut the packet open and tasted some of the dry powder — hmm, tasted like peanuts (although with a little bit of a fake sweet-ish hint to it) .


The directions said to mix the packet with 1.5 tbsp of water … so I mixed it with 2 tbsp yogurt. Magic:


My pb-yogurt sauce became the dressing for a cup of fruit salad:


The verdict? As much as I did not want to like PB2, I have to admit that I think it has sucked me in. There are so many potential uses! Would I buy it? I’m doubtful, especially now that I’ve mastered the art of making my own nut butters from scratch. But, I have the rest of the samples to go through and an entire jar on its way from the Foods That Fit giveaway, so we’ll see how addicted I get!

PB2 Experiment #2: March 15, 2009

My second PB2 experiment took place when I decided on the world’s best oatmeal combo: pb-chocolate-banana.


In the pot, I cooked 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats with 1/2 cup unsweetened silk, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 whipped banana, 1/4 chunked banana, dash salt, and 1 packet chocolate pb2. The cooked oatmeal went into the bowl on a bed of 1/2 cup yogurt, and I garnished with 2 sliced strawberries, unsweetened coconut, 1.5 chopped pieces of lindt hazelnut chocolate, and unsweetened cocoa powder.


Yum! But, I couldn’t really taste the pb2 chocolate and peanut flavors that strongly. If I were to make this bowl of oatmeal again, and I probably will, I would mix cocoa powder into the pot to cook with the oatmeal and save the pb2 to pour on top. Mixing it in led to too much flavor dilution!

PB2 Experiment #3: March 16, 2009

After working out, I had a delicious Fitnessista breakfast cookie (and pb2 experiment #3) waiting for me:


This slab of perfection contained 1/2 cup oats, 1 packet chocolate pb2, 2 tbsp homemade chocolate mousse, 2 tbsp plain yogurt, 4 chopped strawberries, 2 chopped toasted almonds, and one chopped date.


I decorated the top with a square of Godiva dark chocolate and a dollop of plain yogurt (which I also used to “ice” the edges of the cookie):


It had solidified well after a night in the fridge, but I popped it in the freezer
for 20 minutes or so before eating because I prefer it half-frozen. I’m pretty sure this was my best breakfast cookie combo yet. The pb flavor really came through (much more than it did yesterday with a similar combo in hot oatmeal form) — in fact, the cookie was reminiscent of peanut butter-chocolate-strawberry cheesecake! It made me thrilled to be awake :-D

PB2 Experiment #4: March 22, 2009

This is another breakfast cookie that I dreamed up during a long run. I decided to take my own advice and use the PB2 as frosting instead of a mix-in:


A Fitnessista breakfast cookie made with:

  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 1/2 large mashed banana
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 cup super-thick homemade Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter

I was feeling feisty after my surprise run, so I made “frosting” with my last PB2 sample packet and 1.5 tbsp yogurt and smothered the cookie with it. I also couldn’t help adding a chopped square of Godiva dark chocolate and one mammoth strawberry‘s worth of slices.


In conclusion, PB2 is fun and versatile and adds a hint of peanut butter flavor to foods that need it. But, I most enjoyed the PB2 as a fruit salad dressing and as a frosting. A treat this fun should not be camouflaged or diluted! It deserves a place of honor right on top 😀

One thought on “Product Review: PB2

  1. Sweetie Pie says:

    Thanks for mentioning your review. I’m going to be tinkering, and I think it is too versatile not to find some great uses like the ones in your post.

    Can I also just say that those are insanely good looking breakfast cookies? I have yet to make one, but these are really tempting me to give it a try.


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