Restaurant Review: Kiku


Reviewed 2/26/09

After work last night, Gina, Kate, Kareen, and I met for our regular (ummm, does every six months count as regular still??) Brooklyn girls dinner night. Gina and Kate have made several blog cameos, but Kareen can be a bit harder to pin down!

We ate at Kiku, a sushi restaurant mere blocks away from my apartment. Yay for convenience! I’ve ordered takeout from Kiku before (back in ancient history when I still had an income), but I’ve never actually eaten inside.

Here’s Kareen modeling her edamame appetizer:


I totally made her pose for that picture, so blame me if she looks slightly more scary than cute!

Kareen’s edamame made the rounds, and I had a couple small handfulls:


I instantly felt the sugar haze from earlier in the day starting to recede. What a relief!

Gina ordered the hot & sour miso soup as her appetizer. I didn’t have any, but the camera couldn’t stay away:


The restaurant was QUITE chilly, thanks to a pair of sluggishly closing doors, but we had fun nonetheless. While waiting for our main courses to arrive, we got to watch the artists at work:


I really wanted to try some fancy sushi concoctions, but I decided to play it safe after the day of food I’d had already! I ordered seaweed salad:


I love love love seaweed salad. It’s another one of those foods with the perfect balance of crunch and chew.


I also ordered a tuna roll with brown rice:


As much as I enjoy elaborate sushi rolls (especially when they involve avocado), there’s something so alluring about a simple tuna roll. It never lets me down! I ate everything (of course), including all the ginger and most of the wasabi. Sushi always reminds me of my senior year of college when I had a weekly Wednesday night sushi date. Mmmm, sushi. We don’t spend nearly enough time together these days.

Gina received a beautiful tower of spicy tuna and asparagus rolls and another kind (maybe tuna and avocado?) I can’t quite remember:


Kate got a tuna roll and a tuna and avocado roll (I think), and Kareen got a spicy tuna roll and a spicy tuna and avocado roll (maybe?):


Kiku does actually make sushi that does not involve tuna. Clearly, we had a prior arrangement with each other to be tuna twins (quadruplets?) last night.

Anyway, (a long overdue) yay for sushi in the neighborhood!

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