Don’t sit on the toddler bed!

Overall, our switch to the toddler bed was a great success … until I broke the bed just three days after we started using it.

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A heater for the nursery (and other functional items)

So, it seems I’ve had a draft of this blog post saved for 10 months. I started reading it and realized I had more to say, so I decided to fix it up and get it out!

Beatrice’s room is COLD. Realllllly cold. As discussed here, the room is sort of an uninsulated afterthought added to the back of our apartment. There’s a wimpy heater vent underneath the changing table that is completely ineffective.

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Nursery: Art for a brave and confident baby girl

I hope you enjoyed the quick photo tour of baby Bea’s nursery last week. Personally, I cannot get enough of her room, and that is my completely objective stance on the matter.


I have been wanting to talk about the art in Bea’s room for a while. The walls were bare when she was born, but she has accumulated quite the collection of wall dressing since then.
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Nursery: the tour

What follows is basically an all-you-can-eat photo buffet of my absolute favorite, most magical room in our home.

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Nursery: the prelude

When we came across this apartment two years ago, one of the major selling points was this secret turquoise “room” at the end of the hall.


At first, I could not see past the beige wall-to-wall carpeting. The craigslist posting had highlighted hardwood floors, a bay window, two bedrooms, and an amazing price … but I mentally checked out as soon as I noticed that carpet peeking out over the top step before we walked in. Continue reading!